Exterior steel doors are not cheap, but can be well worth the extra cost in terms of security, and sending a message that you’re dedicated to the safety of your property and the persons who work there.

Investing in your commercial property is well worth the price. For instance, upgrades like good quality exterior doors made of steel not only make your property more secure but also boost your building’s efficiency. While you’re at it, you’ll also be boosting the resale value by keeping your business property in good repair.

Your options for commercial exterior doors are varied, but steel doors offer several benefits. Here are some facts you should consider if you’re thinking about installing steel exterior doors.

1. Steel doors are a good deterrent to break-ins and vandalism. Burglars often choose the path of least resistance, and when an open door or window is not available, that could mean they will target a vulnerable door. We all know that any door can be broken into by a persistent burglar, but steel doors can be fairly intimidating to criminals, offering sufficient resistance so they might just think about going elsewhere. Look for heavy-duty steel flush security units with a welded frame. Add a commercial-grade level entrance lockset, single cylinder deadbolt and spring hinges for additional peace of mind.

2. Steel looks good these days. If well maintained to repair dents and control corrosion, your steel door will look good for a long, long time. What’s more, smooth steel finishes allow you to paint the door any color you like to match your exterior walls. Or, you can choose an attractive steel door painted a custom color that will set your business apart from the competition. Steel doors need no longer look industrial, if that’s a look you’re trying to avoid.

3. Steel doors are environmentally friendly. Steel is recyclable, allowing you to claim LEED credits and do your bit for the environment.

4. Steel door dents are easily repaired. Just apply Bondo and paint.

5. Steel doors, even when they have glass panes, are energy efficient. Once upon a time, glass panes for steel doors were made from a single pane of glass. These days, you can choose doors with insulated glass panes that are much more efficient. What’s more, you can opt for a steel door with high density polyurethane foam insulation to prevent heat transfer.

6. Steel doors stand up well to damage. They are virtually impervious to attacks from pests and won’t rot. What’s more, they are resistant to impact and to commercial wear and tear.

Secure. Strong. Environmentally friendly. Sleek and visually appealing. What’s not to like about exterior steel doors?