Vandals Targeting Your Commercial Door? Quick Repairs Deter Repeat Attacks

Preventing vandalism and graffiti to the doors or walls of your commercial property can be challenging. Once vandals and tag artists target your property, it’s a worry that they will return after you’ve made expensive repairs and cleaned up the graffiti. However, you are wise to call for repairs or cleanup quickly after the event, sending a message that such activities won’t be tolerated in your neighborhood.

It’s widely acknowledged by public safety experts that the best response to vandalism and graffiti is to make repairs and clean up the affected property right away.

Ideally, your door repair specialist should be able to respond the same day you call and take action within the first 24 hours of the event.

Cleaning Your Door

If your door is metal or fiberglass, you may be able to clean graffiti from spray paint or permanent marker with graffiti removal solvent, stove cleaner, paint thinner or enamel remover. Do not use these products on a wood door. You can try a pressure washer or mineral spirits but if you’re not sure about what you’re doing, wait till a specialist arrives. You may have to paint over the door.

We hope the vandals and taggers leave your commercial property alone, but if you are targeted, call Sacs Door and Gates for a quick response and some good advice on how to deal with your damaged property.