Need to Double Up on Your Business’ Doors? You Have Options

If there’s an entry way in your business that handles two-way traffic, or where you need enough room for equipment or goods to pass through, a double entry doors may be the solution. The exterior double doors we most often see are commercial glass entry doors, whether they each swing one way or simply slide apart. Think about grocery stores or ER entrances.

An exterior double door entry system may be useful for the front or back entrance to a building, or double doors may also be used in interior settings such as:

  • Storage closets
  • Conference rooms
  • Hospital wards
  • Laboratories
  • Warehouses

Types of Double Doors for Commercial Use

There are several common components of exterior and interior double doors, whether made of steel, wood, or aluminum and glass:

    • Double doors may or may not have a vertical mullion down the middle, separating the two panels in the frame.
    • They may have one active leaf with a keyed lock and one inactive leaf, or two active leaves. Typically, locking the active leaf keeps both leaves from being opened.
    • A flush bolt may keep the inactive leaf in place until it needs to be opened to allow equipment to pass through. These types of doors are often used in corridors.
    • You may also have double egress doors used in “cross-corridor” applications. With these doors the leaves swing in opposite directions so that traffic can flow two ways.
    • Both doors may feature an exit device so that either leaf can be used. The doors can’t be described as active or inactive leaves, since there is no mechanical locking hardware on either leaf.
    • Double acting doors, on the other hand, have leaves that swing in both directions, both in and out – like a saloon door. They’re often used in restaurant kitchens.

What Different Double Doors Types Your May See In Your Daily Life

  • Swinging double doors, also known as French doors, consist of two panels hinged on opposite sides, allowing them to swing open and closed. These doors provide a wide opening for easy entry. You’ll see them used in restaurants, offices, retail stores, and other commercial spaces.
  • Sliding double doors, also called bypass doors, operate on a track system, and slide horizontally to open and close. They are an excellent choice when space is limited. They’re commonplace in conference rooms, storage areas, or healthcare facilities.
  • Revolving doors consist of panels arranged in a circle that rotates as people push or walk through. They provide efficient traffic flow, energy efficiency by minimizing drafts. They also add security by allowing one-way entry or exit. Revolving doors are found in high-traffic commercial buildings. Exterior entryways for hotels, office buildings, and shopping centers.
  • Folding or accordion double doors consist of multiple panels that fold back to create an opening. They are versatile and can be opened partially or completely, depending on the space requirements. Folding doors are used in restaurants, conference centers, banquet halls, and other areas that need a flexible setup.
  • Roll-up doors, typically made of metal slats, roll up into a coil above the doorway when opened. These doors are commonly used in warehouses, storage facilities, and loading docks. Places where security, durability, and ease of use are essential.
  • Fire-rated double doors withstand fire and prevent its spread between areas. They are equipped with fire-resistant materials and hardware. They surpass safety regulations and protect occupants in the event of a fire. Fire-rated double doors are commonly used in hospitality buildings. This includes hotels, hospitals, schools, and office complexes. Places with high population in them.
  • For higher security environments double doors are used with reinforced frames and high security locks. With access control options, they provide enhanced protection against unauthorized entry or intrusion. You can expect these in banks, data centers or government buildings.

Thinking About Safety and Your Business’ Double Doors

People sometimes wonder if it’s illegal to keep one of two double doors inactive, but it generally isn’t, since the other door can still be used as an exit. Knowing which door is active or inactive is important in the “handing” of a door, which refers to the direction of opening – push or pull. This issue of handing is crucial when installing the frame, doors and hardware. It’s also important for life safety codes that apply to the path of entry and exit.

Consider the place and purpose of your double door installation. Exterior double doors made of steel can be made to stand up to gunfire. They can also be treated to increase water resistance, and insulated to lower energy and sound transfer. Storefront double doors made of glass and aluminum can be reinforced, shatter-proofed, and treated with coatings like UV protection, hydrophobic solutions and oleophobic treatments. Storefront door systems comprised of 2 or more glass entry doors also need to be impact-resistant to things like accidents, burglaries and extreme weather.

The way to round out security of any exterior door to a commercial facility is to install reinforced hardware like welded hinges and heavy-duty, smart lock systems, as well as installing sufficient lighting and targeted video-monitoring.

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