Exterior Fiberglass Doors Offer Many Benefits Over Wood and Metal

Fiberglass offers many advantages as an exterior door. Wood is known for its beauty, and steel for its strength, but modern fiberglass has been improved over the last few decades, with an emphasis on visual appeal and strength – and more.

Fiberglass has none of wood’s problems with warping, fading, scratching, and rot. Steel can rust; fiberglass never will. Plus, fiberglass doors can be manufactured to look like wood, and to have strength that approximates that of steel. With the right hardware and locks, it can be installed to deter break=ins. It’s fine to use in cold and damp conditions; it’s built to last and won’t require maintenance or refinishing. Fiberglass doors are also less expensive than wood, so it’s a real advantage to get the look of wood with a grain finish on a fiberglass door – all for much less money.

Fiberglass is also known for its versatility. It comes in a variety of sizes, finishes and styles. You’re sure to find the right fit for your door with an inspired factory finish to complement your building’s entranceway.

You can also choose factory-primed doors that you can have stained or painted to suit your tastes.

Fiberglass doors also have an environmental edge. They reduce heat transfer and boost energy efficiency. Plus, the fact that they last so long means yours should endure for years, diminishing the need to chuck a succession of poor quality, beat-up old doors into a landfill.

Sacsdoors can help you choose the best exterior fiberglass door for your commercial or institutional needs. Learn all about the advantages of a fiberglass exterior door and how it can offer security, energy efficiency and good looks.