Customers’ first impressions of a business are important, and there’s nothing like dirty doors and windows to send potential customers running away from your store. Passersby may view a business with dirty glass out front as careless or slipshod, and take a pass on entering your establishment in favor of a rival’s with a sparkling storefront.

Your best bet is to invest in a professional window cleaning service, but if the budget is tight and you or an employee have to step up to the cleaning duties, here’s a little primer on best practices.

What You Need

  • Squeegee
  • Scraper
  • Large bucket
  • Dishwashing liquid or window cleaning fluid (you can also use white vinegar)
  • Water
  • Towels
  • Microfiber cloth

You can get as fancy as you like with window cleaning supplies, including squeegee handles, stripwasher sleeves, scraper holsters and buckets with sieves, so suit yourself, purchasing what the budget allows.

Cleaning Procedures

Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to a couple of gallons of warm water or spray the windows with glass cleaner. Wet the scraper or a scrubber and scrub or scrape windows until they are clean. You can go in whatever direction works best, but some professional window washers like to start at the top and work down. Be systematic so you don’t miss any spots.

Once the grime is gone, use the squeegee to remove excess liquid. Start at the top and in one single motion wipe across the window. Stop periodically and wipe the blade clean to prevent smearing.

Give the window a once-over and wipe off any missed dirt or liquid. Use the microfiber cloth to polish the window to a shiny finish.

Depending on how much dust and wind there is in your business location, you may want to clean the windows every morning before you open up.