Your Automated Garage Door Openers Need to Be Reliable

A “smart” automated commercial garage door opener can bring many benefits to your business. These are helpful for many commercial settings such as garages, warehouses, or commercial storage. Investing in an automatic garage door opener improves the functionality and security of your business. This also increases the convenience and ease of use for employees and clients.

Safety is key in warehouse settings, and commercial overhead doors are a risk to operate manually. They are huge and heavy; it’s hard on a body to lift and lower them daily, not to mention, it’s less efficient time-wise. When you combine the safety procedures required for manually operating overhead doors and similar safety protocols for docked truck trailer doors it adds up. The less time your employees spend underneath and in between, the better.

Automating your loading dock’s overhead doors saves you time and liability; it makes your employees safer and your loading/unloading processes more efficient. SACS installs, repairs and services all major brands of automatic overhead door openers and commercial-grade hardware.

LiftMaster is at the Forefront of Commercial Overhead Door Automation

LiftMaster is one of the many companies offering advanced garage door opener solutions for companies who want to add a little tech to their business. There are several primary benefits to an automated overhead door in a commercial setting:

1) Automatic Overhead Door Openers Reduce Expenses

Commercial garage doors undergo a significant amount of wear and tear during operation. In many business settings, they’re opened and closed all day long. When manually operated, the commercial door hardware on your overhead door sees more wear and tear, because of the human error factor. This can lead to eventual breakdown and increased maintenance costs. An automated system helps cut the wear down caused by unnecessary and inconsistent garage door operation. These systems are designed to be more precise and consistent in their operation, which reduces the stress on the door hardware. Commercial automated door systems also come with sensors that detect any obstacles in the way of the door, preventing damage to the door or to the objects in its path.

2) Smart Opener Technology Shores up Security

An automated overhead door is more secure in multiple ways. For example, with LiftMaster’s MyQ technology, you can monitor the status of the door no matter where you are. You’ll always know whether the doors at your commercial facility are open or closed. There are even settings that can notify you of the door’s operation. If it’s used without authorization, you know right away. You can connect this to a silent alarm system if deemed necessary.

3) Door and Gate Automation Keeps Everyone Safe

Electronically-controlled doors are often much safer than those that require manual operation. Some garage doors that are manually closed can come down too quickly, posing a safety hazard for those nearby. The safety sensors and warning systems on a garage door opener like LiftMaster helps prevent costly and tragic accidents from happening in your shop.

4) Energy Costs Decrease with Automated Opener Installation

If your building contains temperature-sensitive items, then an open garage door can drive up your heating and cooling costs. We all do our best, but sometimes we skimp on closeout processes, and an improperly closed or locked overhead doors don’t just risk your inventory, but your equipment and any other assets people with bad intentions might take. With an automated commercial overhead door, you can help minimize your energy costs and maintain your buildings required temperature, not to mention make your security doors foolproof.

LiftMaster isn’t your only option for automated overhead garage door openers, but they are one of the best. If you’re considering updating your operation by automating your loading dock doors, you should consider gate automation for any gate openers you may have as well. All the same technology for garage door openers is also available for gate openers. Automated gate openers can provide the same benefits as automated garage door openers. With just a little investment in some high-end tech, you can make your operation safer, secure and more efficient.