Fortify Entryways and Exits with a Security Door

When updating the security of your business, it’s essential to scrutinize the effectiveness of your current doors. Perhaps now is the opportune moment to explore upgraded options. You can choose commercial doors that can provide enhanced safeguarding for both entry and exit points. You can elevate the security measures at these crucial access points ensuring a safer environment for your business.

When most people think of a secure door, they think first of steel. A strong steel security door is indeed tougher to break through than a door made of fiberglass or wood. But any type of door can be made stronger with a reinforced door frame and jamb, and stronger hardware. Reinforced strike plates, sheet steel plates wrapping under the dead bolt, longer hinge screws, metal blocks and bars, internal locks and laminated glass in window openings all help to make a door harder for an intruder to get through. Naturally, any secure entryway also includes an automated alarm system that alerts you and the police that a break-in is occurring, as well as cameras and motion sensors.

It’s actually more helpful to think of the entryway with all these secure components as an entire security system.

Internal Security Doors are Effective for Protecting Important Assets

While the term “security door” suggests robust exterior commercial doors, it’s important to recognize its broader application. In certain contexts, it can also signify an interior door designed to resist unauthorized entry. This could be a commercial door protecting a confidential inner office housing important assets. It could also be used for something like a server room or a location that may contain explosive chemicals. Security doors are a great upgrade for any commercial building that may need to protect its assets or employees. Typically crafted from steel, these interior security doors may boast some of the secure features discussed earlier. Interior security doors are not so different from their exterior counterparts.

Fire Doors Can Also Be Effective Security Doors

In the realm of security doors, fire doors stand as a distinct category. Their fire rating is a crucial metric, indicating the duration for which they can effectively contain a fire. While steel doors are often hailed as the top choice for impeding the spread of fire, it’s noteworthy that fiberglass and even wood doors can also be engineered to exhibit fire-retardant properties. Take, for example, wooden doors designed with a mineral core encased in a wooden veneer – a configuration that enhances their ability to resist and contain fire. These commercial fire doors can be used internally or externally for any building. They might even be required based on your local building regulations. 

Give Sacs Doors and Gate Corp. a call and a consultant can help you put together a system that will make your entryways, interior doors and fire doors more secure.