Anti-graffiti coatings are a boon to the business owner, making it possible to remove troublesome tagging with relative ease. The fact is, the longer you leave graffiti on display, the more inclined other taggers will be to embellish their work or tag in other locations.

But not all anti-graffiti coatings are created equal, so choose the one for your building exterior, garage door or storefront door with care.

Consult an Expert Before You Apply

There are many different types of products, with different functions and of differing quality.

While all anti-graffiti coatings are designed to prevent paint from adhering to a surface, they differ in the way they do it. Sacrificial coatings create a clear polymer, acrylic or wax layer that allows you to pressure wash the graffiti away, but it also takes away the coating. Sacrificial products may survive a couple of cleanings, but they will need to be reapplied.

Permanent products need be applied only once. They resist graffiti by preventing bonding to the surface of the coating, so that it’s easily broken down and removed. Remember that some paints are oil-based as well as water based, so choose one that resists all types of paint or markers. These permanent coatings cost more – sometimes a lot more – but they are a one-time cost, while sacrificial coatings are an ongoing cost.

Be advised that some products can leave a milky residue that looks like a film. This is especially true with some types of sacrificial anti-gravity coatings. You also need to know how these products work on different surfaces, such as painted, unfinished, wood and metal, concrete or any other.
For best results, consult an expert before you choose an anti-graffiti product.