When looking to fence your commercial property, don’t overlook the benefits of classic chain link. Affordable and durable, chain link is adaptable for many settings, from government buildings, to church properties, secure facilities, construction sites, and agricultural properties. It also has uses in residential, commercial and private locations.

The top reason to install a chain link fence is security. You can keep intruders out, while keeping pets and kids inside. With wrought iron, escapees might slip through through the bars, while a vinyl fence may be too expensive. Chain link may be the best alternative to both; it’s affordable and fairly simple to install.

Further, a chain link fence needs very little maintenance, unlike wooden fences that need to be washed and resealed. Wood may rot, and paint may peel, but chain link with a powder coating will last for years.

If you’re worried about dust and wind blowing through the fence, you can install vinyl slats as a barrier.