If it’s time to redo the storefront glass doors of your business, take a look at the ultra-narrow stile door look. It’s got the sophisticated appeal of the all-glass door, but also incorporates extremely narrow (1- to 1 1/8-inch) vertical stiles with thermal properties that boost energy savings

Thermally broken frames and cladding are the key to enhanced thermal performance. Fit your ultra- narrow stile doors with door handle hardware that also contributes to energy savings. Mounted on 1-inch insulating glass panels with through-glass fittings, hardware can also include panic buttons. Increase energy savings by opting for thermal-efficient tinted glass and a low-emissivity coating.

Aluminum stiles may be clad in bronze or stainless steel, with a number of attractive finishes to choose from.

Want beautiful aesthetics and a clean look, as well as efficient performance for your business glass doors?

Entrances with ultra-narrow stiles are typically for light to moderate use.