When your commercial garage door quits working, it’s a major headache for you until you get it repaired. You may save time and money if you spot problems early, before they disable your door completely. Fortunately, a garage door that’s getting ready to break down will often send out distress calls before that happens. Here are a few warning signs to watch (and listen) for:

Odd noises

This one should be obvious. Whether we’re talking about a garage door, a car engine or a washing machine, hearing a new and unusual noise when it’s operating is generally a sign that it needs professional maintenance attention. Any garage door, manual or mechanized, will make at least some noise opening and closing. If you hear something new, like grinding or squealing, it may mean nothing worse than that it’s time to lubricate moving parts such as springs, hinges, and rollers – or it may indicate a bigger issue. Either way, have it looked at.

Unevenness or sag

Over time your garage door, like everything else in the world, will show the effects of gravity, and may start to droop a little. If you notice this happening you should address it sooner rather than later, as it could eventually result in the door’s becoming unbalanced. And this could lead to more damage, or even pose a safety hazard.

Excessive vibration

Again, any automatic garage door will shake a little when it’s being opened or closed, even when it’s brand new. But if you notice that the door seems to be shuddering or vibrating more than usual, this could be a sign that your rollers have gotten off center, screws have worked loose, or you have some other problem that is only going to get worse if it’s ignored.

Regular maintenance such as lubrication will help keep your commercial garage door working smoothly. But there’s no substitute for vigilance, and if you see any of the above warning symptoms, having the door checked out by a qualified service technician can save you trouble down the line.