Don’t Hesitate When You Need Door Glass Replacement for Your Business

It’s unfortunate, but as beautiful and inviting as a glass entryway or storefront window can be, it is also an invitation to a burglar or vandal. Glass can make your business more vulnerable, from a storm, an accident or a break-in attempt.

If your commercial glass storefront door gets broken, you need to have a plan in place to deal with cleanup and get a replacement quickly. You not only have a responsibility to keep your property and employees safe, but also potential liability issues if someone is injured from broken glass.

Calling for Help

If the glass was broken by accident or by a storm, you need only notify your insurer and your commercial door glass replacement specialist. If the incident involves burglary or vandalism, you should call law enforcement. If there were witnesses, you should gather this information for police.

If you arrive at the business to find the glass broken and you suspect a break-in, don’t proceed inside. Call law enforcement.

Securing and Cleaning the Area

If glass has been shattered on the sidewalk, take steps to cordon off the area. Notify neighboring businesses. You may have to close your business if it’s risky for customers and employees to go through the area where glass has shattered.

Cleaning up glass can be dangerous for regular employees, so don’t send someone who is not competent to handle the job. (This can result in liability.) Ask the housekeeping or janitorial staff if they are equipped for this kind of cleanup. Don’t let customers help. You’re better off calling in professionals who can respond quickly and who know how to handle this type of emergency.

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