What kind of fence does your commercial property require? You have a lot to think about when it comes to fencing. Most commercial property owners are more concerned with securing the premises than with appearance. Sure, you want something that also looks good and that fits with the local aesthetic, but protecting your business is a higher priority.

Here are some fence materials to consider.

Aluminum – An aluminum fence is durable, and requires little maintenance. It can look as good as wrought iron, but won’t cost nearly as much, and won’t rust.

Chain Link – They may not be beautiful, but chain link fences sure do the job, holding up for years against harsh weather conditions and wear and tear. You can also install slats in them to reduce noise, wind, dust and debris.

Concrete – If you want a more serious level of privacy and security, a concrete barrier may be the answer. As you might guess, these fences last a long time. They are also excellent for reducing noise. Ease of maintenance is another plus; and you can also coat a concrete fence to prevent graffiti.

Wood – A wooden fence looks good and offers privacy to prevent would-be intruders from scoping the layout of your business. Wood also cuts down on wind and noise.

Vinyl – Vinyl fencing has become an increasingly popular option, mainly for its strength and durability. Requiring little maintenance, a vinyl fence won’t rot or rust, and resists moisture. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors and styles. Vinyl often chosen for business offices and apartment complexes.

Wrought Iron – Strong and stylish, wrought iron is an old favorite. It holds up against weather and other onslaughts, will last a long time and looks good.

Designing Your Fence

Think carefully about what you want to accomplish with your fencing. If it’s security you’re after, be sure your fence stands at least 6 feet tall to deter intruders. Spiked tops might also be an option. A solid fence offers intruders a hiding place. But if privacy is key, a solid fence is essential — say for a residential property, or for a business office for medical professionals, accountants or lawyers who want to provide clients a confidential setting.

By consulting a fence specialist, you can come up with the right design that satisfies your needs while providing the greatest aesthetic appeal for your property.