At times, there’s no other option but to replace your commercial glass doors. It could be the result of an unforeseen accident, a regrettable act of vandalism, or the unfortunate occurrence of a break-in. In these situations, the security and integrity of your storefront’s glass doors can be compromised.

In such cases, swift action is not just advisable; it’s essential. Your door ensures the continued safety, comfort, and protection of your employees, clients, and your assets. When your glass entry doors have been compromised, the first step is to reach out to a trusted local exterior door installer that offers emergency board-up services. Many commercial door installers offer 24hr emergency services and you should keep one in your contacts.

While emergency board-up may not be the most aesthetically pleasing solution, it serves a vital purpose. They keep your premises and assets safe and secure. It does this until the door installer can assist you in the comprehensive process of designing, installing, and servicing replacement glass for your storefront doors.

New Glass Doors Look Great and They’re More Secure than Ever

It’s not just about restoration; it’s an opportunity to elevate your storefront’s look. The right commercial door company can help you transform this challenging situation into a chance for a facelift. By collaborating with skilled professionals, you can introduce a new set of commercial doors and windows. New glass doors not only enhance the security of your store but also revitalizes your storefront’s appearance. You can turn your adversity into progress.

Imagine your storefront showcasing modern, secure, and energy-efficient doors and windows. These exude a renewed appeal that attracts customers and creates a positive impression. It’s a testament to your resilience and commitment to safeguarding your business. You can accomplish this while presenting an inviting and attractive facade.

This is the power of strategic decision-making when it comes to the commercial aspects of your establishment. It ensures that challenges become opportunities for growth and improvement. Once you have your new glass doors installed, the next step is to keep them looking good as new.

Keeping Your Business’ New Glass Doors Looking New

Once new glass is installed in the door frames, you should give some thought to how those doors are kept clean. Very likely you hire a service or require one of your employees to go over the doors with a squeegee now and then. But super-clean and flawlessly-shining glass doors say a lot about your establishment, so you may want to start a brand new door cleaning protocol with your commercial door glass replacement.

As with anything, successful cleaning of glass doors can require mastering a technique to get that streak-free shine. We’re not suggesting you do it yourself (although maybe you’re that hands-on, so be our guest), but you can always make some suggestions to your employees or the window cleaners you’ve hired about ways to get rid of streaks and make the glass sparkle.

Another great bonus about implementing a cleaning schedule for your new door glass replacement is that keeping the metal-framed glass business doors clean also protects them from any corrosives like water and debris buildup. However, make sure that any cleaning products you use on your business’ front doors and windows isn’t itself corrosive to metal.

DIY Your Storefront Glass Door Glow-Up

Curious what goes into a professional storefront window wash-down? Here’s a helpful video from Luke the Window Cleaner, who’s really got his technique down when it comes to fanning or using a so-called “door trick” technique, both of which help produce streak-free, and flawless-looking results.