Commercial sliding glass doors offer a number of benefits but oddly, many business owners are uninformed about their advantages. Perhaps the fact they are so sleek and sophisticated looking prevents some business owners from fully appreciating their more practical advantages.

Here are some of the advantages of commercial sliding glass doors. We’ll also take a look at sliding doors made of other materials.

Space Savers

Sliding doors take up less space than swinging doors. Hinged doors need a good many more square feet of space to open.

Sliding doors operate on a track. They are very versatile, allowing customization for small or large spaces. Whether you have a small office space or a larger office with lots of materials, furniture and equipment, sliding doors can work for you. These doors allow you to have a more open floor plan in large or small offices.

Design Versatility

Sliding doors can be tailored to fit the office design and décor. You can also choose sliding doors made of econ-friendly materials such such as wood or metal.

Sliding office doors can work with a wide range of architectural styles. Whether it’s a glass door or one made of other materials, you can vary the look with thickness of the material or with different finishes.


Sliding doors, depending on what they are made of, may be eco-friendly, with recyclable materials. Doors made with plant-based, eco-friendly materials offer low emissivity of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).


You may not think of a sliding door as particularly secure, but it can be. Incorporated gaskets and seals and secure locking mechanisms enhance security.


A sliding door closes easily, so there’s no jarring noise when the door locks into place as it swings closed.

Plus, commercial sliding doors – particularly when they are made of glass — have excellent sound-blocking ability. Acoustic isolation helps workers feel more secure, so their conversations or phone calls won’t be overhead. This is a great asset for conference rooms.

Whether you’re taken with the sophisticated modern look of glass, or you prefer some more traditional material, look into sliding office doors for your business.