Install Quality Wood Doors on Your Commercial Building

The benefits of installing wood doors in your commercial facility are many. The warm, natural aesthetic is of course appealing to your customers and to passers-by. But there are also a host of benefits that are less well known:

  • Wood helps you save energy by working as an insulator. A wooden door can keep warm air in during the cooler months, and cool air in during the heat of summer. Wood is known for maintaining even temperatures so you can enjoy greater energy efficiency and lower energy bills. A weather-treated, quality wooden door is an efficient choice.
  • A well-built wooden door helps reduce noise levels in a commercial setting, muffling sound and creating a more muted office environment for the workforce.
  • Well-made, fire-rated wooden doors are recommended for controlling the direction and rate of spread of smoke and fire.
  • A solid wooden door can be reinforced in strong metal frames to be burglary-resistant.

Quality wooden doors will stand up to denting, scratching, cracking and chipping, and if well maintained, can last for years.

Maintaining a Wooden Door

Modern doors are built to hold against the elements if they’re exterior doors, but quality interior doors are designed to stand up to traffic and heavy use. Most wooden doors have a core of wooden sections glued together, with an outer lay of thick veneer.

Wooden doors do require maintenance. Some of the things you can do to keep a door shipshape:

  • Clean and polish solid wood doors with Murphy Oil Soap. You can use mild soap and water on other types of doors.
  • Oil hinges.
  • Check your door for dings, cracks and scratches.

Call a professional door technician from Sacs Door and Gates to inspect your commercial wooden door every year to ensure it lasts for years.