Your commercial roll-up door is designed to allow easy access to your dock, so you can facilitate easy access and allow large deliveries. But all that opening and closing adds to wear and tear on your door system. One way to cut down on frequency of door openings and to extend the longevity of your roll-up door is to install a smaller door within the door for small deliveries. This is especially desirable if many of your deliveries are likely to be small ones.

Called a wicket door, these doors within doors are a great solution for letting in small deliveries on a hand truck, or foot traffic conducting business inside your shop. Also known as pilot doors, this type of project helps to cut down on the use of the chain to roll up the larger door.

In most cases, these doors can be installed in a short time. If you need to use forklifts or other heavy equipment for large deliveries, the wicket door may not be the right solution, since it is stationary and reduces overall door opening dimensions.