You want to ensure your storefront door is always looking its best. Naturally, you keep it clean and shiny, and quickly schedule repairs to the locks, frame, glass or the door itself when mishaps occur. A good-looking commercial door installation increases your customers’ confidence, and can draw in business if it looks appealing and well maintained.

But some damages to front doors are bound to occur; storefront doors and their commercial door hardware take a lot of abuse between frequency of use and people not being careful about slamming the door open or closed. But those aren’t the only ways a storefront door gets damaged; all too often damages happen due to design flaws of the front door system.

Foreign Objects Can Break Business Glass Doors

Container plants may brighten the entranceway but they can also damage your door. Make sure when placing containers the door has plenty of room to swing freely without encountering the ceramic planter. If the container is large and heavy and isn’t likely to be moved inside at night, secure it so that vandals aren’t tempted to try to damage your door with it. This also goes for hanging baskets and other entryway décor.

Commercial Doors Can Become Misaligned over Time

Misaligned doors usually result from sloppy door installation, although over time, foundations can shift, screws can come out and hinges may come loose, causing the doors to become misaligned. First, check for the reason doors are misaligned and have it corrected. If you don’t, doors can stick in the frame, becoming chipped and causing other damage. Misaligned doors may also facilitate break-ins.

Weather-stripping on Storefront Doors is Key

Weather-stripping wears out over time. It should checked and replaced as needed. Weather-stripping not only prevents moisture and unconditioned air from infiltrating the interior of your business, but can also help protect the door and frame from moisture damage.

Rust, Dents or Dings are More Than Just Unsightly

Depending on the material the door is made of, check periodically for rust and dents (for steel doors), dents (for aluminum doors), or scratches and dings for any type of storefront door. You may need to repaint, sand, buff or otherwise repair the unsightly encounters between your door and the world at large. Appearance is key to attracting customers, but these small issues can become big when they’re allow to sit. Dents or scratches in metal can lead to corrosion, which will eventually damage the actual structure of the door. Small chips in business glass doors can compromise the integrity of the whole pane of glass, making your facility more likely to be broken into.

Narrow Entrances Benefit from Bumpers for Storefront Doors

If you have a narrow entrance and your door is likely to encounter a wall when opening, install a door bumper to absorb the impact, particularly if you have a glass door. These bumpers are more heavy-duty than your residential kind, and can take the brunt of the force of impact off the door itself, preventing wear or damage.

Call your door installation specialist for periodic maintenance and more advice on how to keep your entryway door shipshape.