security grilleWhether you already have security doors and grilles on your business or are considering installing a new one, there’s more to security grilles than you might think. Is installing a security grille worth the time, effort and expense? The answer depends on the type of business you’re in and the crime rate in your area. But first, what exactly is a security grille?

Basically, a security grille for commercial entryways is a set of steel bars that can be installed in front of or behind windows, doors, and other openings to your building. Even for interior uses, security grilles can be used to protect informational material, sensitive material, areas with restricted access, and more.

Understanding the Uses & Benefits of Commercial Security Grilles

Interestingly, with glass windows, it’s typically recommended to have these bars installed behind the windows rather than in front. The reason is that with this arrangement, to gain entrance an intruder would first need to shatter the glass, which would make a lot of noise and set off an alarm system. For the most part, these bars present a formidable barrier to ordinary criminals and thieves.

For example, if you own a business with glass storefront doors, then they can easily be broken into with a rock or other hard object. Even double glass doors made with reinforced or treated glass can be breached eventually. But if steel bars are installed, they often act as enough of a deterrent that the criminal won’t even try. You’ve made it so not only do they have to outsmart an industrial-grade door without getting caught, but a solid steel gate as well.

Security grilles can be especially useful in situations where you may not have the funds to pay the monthly costs of an alarm system or live video monitoring. Or they can be a great security enhancement to a building that already has those measures in place.

But perhaps the two greatest benefits of a security grille is that it’s a low upfront cost and requires little to no maintenance after installation. That means that in general, it’s a one-time investment that’ll likely last you a very long time. Another bonus: insurance companies love it when you install security features at you commercial facility, so you’ll likely see a nice drop in your policy premium after you install a security grille.

Aren’t Security Grilles Ugly?

They don’t have to be! While you can totally opt for the standard barred design, you can also use your security grille as an architectural or design detail on your storefront entry and windows. You can choose from patterns like lattice, tesseracts, filigree, and concertina. They can also be powder coated in a wide array of colors.

How Much Do Security Grilles Cost?

The cost of a security grille can vary significantly, depending on how large a grille you need and what type you purchase. For example, a few small grilles on your windows would cost much less than one covering the entire front of your building.

It’s also important to note that security grilles come in a variety of different styles and options. Roll-up grilles are one popular option that retailers use. The security gates can be rolled up when the store is open and rolled down during closing. Also common in this type of setting is the accordion grille, an expandable scissor-type gate that is typically pulled horizontally across the entryway to a business when it closes up for the night.

On average, expect to spend a few hundred dollars for small window bars, to thousands or more for larger installations. Consulting an exterior door installer who specializes in commercial buildings will give you the best idea of what kind, size and type of security grille would best fit your needs and your budget.

You Won’t Have Any Downtime with A New Installation

The installation process for security grilles is known for its efficiency and speed. One of the reasons behind this is the pre-fabrication of the grilles. Before they arrive at the installation site, security grilles are manufactured to specs. With some quick measurements of your storefront’s glass exterior, they can get started. This eliminates the need for on-site customization or lengthy modifications. Grilles are ready for installation upon delivery.

Another part that helps quick installation of security grilles is their modular nature. These grilles consist of individual sections that can be connected and secured together. This modular approach simplifies the installation process. Installers can quickly assemble the grilles without the need for extensive modifications. Your commercial glass doors will be protected in no time.

Additionally, security grille installations are designed to minimize disruption to business operations. The installation process can be scheduled at a convenient time. Installers can work during off-peak hours or when the business is closed. The goal is always to avoid interfering with daily activities. It can be difficult to work when your storefront is busy with customers going in and out the door.

Security Grilles are Customizable to Fit Your Store’s Needs

While security grilles are prefabricated, they can still be customized to fit your specific dimensions. No storefront’s doors or setup is too great for a security grille. Installers can make necessary adjustments on-site to ensure a precise and seamless fit. The grilles will provide optimal security while maintaining a nice appearance.

While the exact duration of a security grille installation may vary depending on factors it is generally a quick process. Things that slow it down may be the size of the project, the number of grilles or store entry doors, and the specific requirements of the site. Security grille installations are generally known for their quick turnaround time. They offer a prompt solution to enhance the security of commercial premises.