Dumpster Enclosures and Doors Do Double Duty for Security and Visual Appeal

Dumpster enclosures and gates are designed to hide your unsightly dumpster and its contents, but today’s varied designs and materials give you an opportunity to add visual appeal. Consult our gate sales team, who can help you dream up a novel design to harmonize with the landscape, or choose materials that complement your building. Sacs Door and Gate Corp. design team can help you plan the right enclosure and gate for your property.

Dumpster Enclosure Gate

A visually appealing dumpster enclosure and gate is a great way to spruce up the looks of your property, while hiding the unsightly dumpster and its contents. Dumpster enclosures are now available in a wide variety of materials and designs that can harmonize with the local landscape or complement your building design.

Design for Strength and Longevity

If you’re ready to invest in a dumpster enclosure upgrade, you should also look into an improved design that will help protect your enclosure and gate. Dumpster enclosures take a beating from the trucks that come and go through the gate, grabbing and dumping the bins and putting them back again. It’s also common for vehicles in parking lots to overlook the dumpster and back into it, causing unsightly damage and sometimes the need for costly repairs.

You can protect your dumpster enclosure and gate with just a few simple upgrades – strategically located bumpers, poles and curbs, placed inside and outside the enclosure and gate – which will help protect and strengthen it.

Why not meet with an expert in dumpster enclosure and gate installation, and talk about the best design for your business so that you can avoid problems down the line? An experienced installer will know to set the gate the right height from the ground so it opens and closes properly, and can advise you on how wide to make your gate opening so that dumpsters can clear the space and the trucks can maneuver without damaging the gate or enclosure.

At Sacs Door and Gate Corp, we can help you decide on the best design to achieve the look you want and help you choose attractive, durable materials that will stand up to the elements and last a long time. Get your money’s worth by choosing Sacs Door and Gate Corp.