Whether you require steel, fiberglass or wood for your exterior door installation, you want to be sure once it’s in place, that it lasts its full length of days. That means keeping it clean, and in some cases, polished, but it also means inspecting it regularly for damage. Just like your walls, floors or ceiling, your doors and windows are subject to age and decline, as well as damage from accidents and the elements. Do you know how to inspect your commercial exterior doors? Here are some tips.

  • Start with the finish on your wooden doors. Is it faded, cracked, chipped or peeling? Plan on refinishing it to spruce up the exterior of your business, and to help preserve the door. Occasional oiling will help preserve the finish and the door. Inspect steel doors for dents or signs of corrosion or rust, and have them repaired accordingly. Cracked or faded finishes on fiberglass doors may also need to be stripped and reapplied.
  • Look for cracks in the door frame or glass. It’s unlikely you’ll find a crack in steel doors but the surrounding components could become cracked. Replace cracked glass panes.
  • Inspect the frame for signs of moisture damage, and replace it if you find splits or otherwise damaged components.
  • Check for moisture and condensation between glass panels, which is a sign the seal between the panels in no longer intact.
  • Check the weatherstripping for cracks, gaps or discoloration. Replace the weatherstripping each year as needed.
  • Inspect the door sweep to make sure it’s intact, and replace it as needed. A properly fitted door sweep can make your business more energy efficient.
  • Inspect the door hardware, including locksets, door latches, striker plates and deadbolts, as well as door hinges. Replace these as needed – as well as the door sill or threshold if it is damaged or not sitting in the proper place.
  • Doors may sometimes need to be taken off and rehung so they are plumb and level.

When you hire exterior door installers, be sure you discuss the best maintenance procedures with them so you can ensure your doors last as long as the guarantee promises.