Avoid Traffic Jams with Quality Gate Automation and Installation

If you have an automatic gate on your business or residential property, how well it works reflects on the efficiency of your entire operation – so you want the gate machinery to run smoothly, quietly and trouble-free. But we all know machines wear out, and the digital systems that control them can suffer glitches and interruptions. To minimize the impact of these issues, you need to not only pick the right mechanized entry system for your business, but also to make sure that it’s properly installed and that you’re prepared to deal promptly with any problems that might arise later.

This means thinking about and preparing for potential difficulties long before they have a chance to develop – even before you choose your gate and have it put in. Will you be ready to deal with a power outage that shuts down electricity to your front gate, for example? And what kind of key or device do you want your employees to use to activate the gate opener?

Here are some things to keep in mind about automated gate systems:

  • No matter how good a mechanized gate assembly you choose, if the gate system isn’t set up and put in correctly in the first place, all kinds of problems can later ensue – and there are plenty of potential hazards to take into account. These range from damp ground conditions that compromise system operation, to invasion by ant colonies, interfering radio transmissions, shifting ground that makes the gates uneven, malfunctioning photo sensors, and more.
  • Before installing a new gate system that opens automatically, you should review a variety of factors, including how heavy and how wide the gate will need to be, how much traffic will be going through it, how fast you will want it to operate, and what type of terrain it will be located on. Taking all these things into account will help you in choosing the system that’s right for your site and best meets your specific needs.
  • Having a backup power source such as a battery system in place can be a real lifesaver in the event of a power outage. Your gate opening mechanism is likely to be driven by an alternating current (AC) motor and auxiliary motor; having a backup online that’s ready to kick in when it’s needed will ensure that your automated security gate can keep opening and closing until the current comes back on.
  • To give your employees easy and secure access, consider using smart phones as your electronic remote gate-operating devices; they’re increasingly popular as the triggering method of choice for automatic gates, and for good reasons. Your cell phone is something you’re likely to carry with you nearly all the time. Instead of having to keep track of keys, cards or fobs, staff members can signal the gate to open simply by making a free call or clicking an app on their phone. This way, you can also revoke access from individuals without having to collect their keys or change locks.
  • Sometimes people ask if it’s possible to convert an existing, manually operated gate into a mechanized one. It can be, as long as the original gate is structurally solid, opens and closes freely, and meets certain safety standards. You will also have to consider issues such as what material the old gate is made of, how it opens, and what types of hinges and brackets it has. In most cases, it’s probably a much better idea to just replace the existing gate with a completely new automatic gate system.
  • Your best path to avoiding automated gate problems, and to keeping your residential or commercial traffic moving, is to invest, first, in quality products and second, in proper installation. We can help with both. Let Sacs Door and Gates advise you on your next upgrade to a smart automated system and installation.