Avoid Traffic Jams with Quality Gate Automation and Installation

The quality of your gate automation says a lot about the way you manage your commercial operation or residential property. The goal is always fast, smooth and reliable automation that seldom if ever lets you down. However, we all now mechanical things wear out, and the digital systems that operate them are subject to glitches and interruptions.

Here are some things to think about.

  • Investing in a quality automated gate system can help ensure your gate opens reliably, but equally important is the quality of your gate installation. A word here
  • You may want to look into some kind of backup system, in case the power goes out. Your security system will likely operate with an AC motor and auxiliary motor, which will need an independent power supply such as a backup battery system.
  • Smart phones are increasingly the way to go when it comes to opening gates. You can get rid of keys, cards and fobs, while allowing employees easy access to doors and gates, then revoking access without going after keys or changing locks.
  • To operate safely and reliably, automated gate systems must be installed with precision and care. The pitfalls can be many and unforeseen, from damp ground conditions that compromise system operation, to invasion by ant colonies, interfering radio transmissions, shifting ground that makes the gates uneven, malfunctioning photo sensors and a host of other problems.

Your best path to avoiding automated gate problems, and to keep your residential or commercial traffic moving, is to invest in quality products and installations. Let Sacs Door and Gates advise you on your next upgrade to a smart automated system and installation.