If you have a construction or other type of service business, you probably have a garage to store tools and equipment. And whether you open your commercial garage door often or only a few times a day, it pays to give it some occasional basic upkeep yourself – and to call in a professional when it needs inspection or serious maintenance or repair.

There are different types of garage doors, but one type commonly found in businesses is the sectional door. The doors on these garages generally measure 10 feet wide by 12 feet high – larger than a residential garage door.
Here are a few things you can do yourself to help keep this type of garage door working smoothly and make sure you’re on top of any potential problems.

At least once a month, inspect the following:

  • Rollers: If they are falling out of the tracks and not rolling as they should, they probably need to be replaced.
  • Lift cables: These don’t last forever. Check them to see if they are frayed, in case they are close to breaking.
  • Hinges: Screws sometimes become detached from the anchoring point.
  • Tracks: Stand behind the door and see if rollers are flaring out. It could be they’re on the verge of coming out of the tracks.

For manually operated doors, try to lift the door. If it isn’t easy to lift, the door may need attention. Same with doors with a chain hoist.

To test an electric garage door opener, tug on the emergency release cord to test whether lifting the door is easy or requires effort. If it’s more difficult, the tracks or spring system may need attention.

For any signs of wear or malfunction, call your garage door pro. A malfunctioning garage door is a hazard to persons and property. Never try to work on a garage door if you are untrained, and do not attempt to repair a garage door alone.