Air curtains are mainly used in the food industry to separate the commercial environment from the outdoors by keeping flying insects out, and regulating temperature. Sometimes air curtains are mandated by regulation at loading docks.

Over time, air curtains must be replaced. Maintenance will extend the life of the air curtain, but eventually, repair or replacement will be necessary.

Here are some tips on maintaining an air curtain:

  • Clean plastic strip doors and other equipment regularly, according to manufacturer’s instructions. Some systems have air-cleaning filters that can be cleaned or replaced.
  • Brush off air curtains every few months.
  • Wipe down the unit’s interior workings ever few months.
  • Check the belt on belt-driven units.
  • Check the connections periodically.

These tips can help you determine when it’s time to repair or replace your air curtain. The life of an air curtain can vary widely, depending on quality of product and installation, and how well it has been maintained. But here are some signs that it may need to be repaired:

Noise: Fans go out of balance and components can break. If you hear excessive noise from the fan, it may need replacement.

Airstream falters. If the air stream is inconsistent or diminishes, it’s probably time to replace the unit.

Ceases operation: Depending on how old the unit is, it may make more sense to replace it than to try to get it fixed.