Just as you wouldn’t walk around in the dark at home, you shouldn’t expect your dock workers to load and unload freight in the dark. A good set of dock lights is the obvious solution.

Dock lights should be standard equipment, but managers sometimes fail to install them, not realizing that overhead lights don’t always give the coverage that’s needed. High visibility beams of light attached to a moveable arm can illuminate places in the trailer and on the dock that the overhead light can’t reach. These lights provide good coverage so workers can move about safely on the dock and in the trailer, so there’s less chance of injury to workers or property.

Installing dock lights will promote safer working conditions at night, which can be important when dealing with refrigerated cargo that needs to be unloaded as soon as it arrives.

No More Broken Pallets

The wooden pallets on which goods are loaded are often broken during transit, or when dock workers misstep as they fail to see uneven surfaces. The goods on top of the palettes then may be damaged as well, particularly as dock workers try to unload them.

Dock lights can help prevent this common problem. When you’ve got good lighting, you can introduce regular safety checks, to make sure the pallets are secure. This will help reduce the likelihood of a load of materials shifting and falling. The lights will also help dock workers as they move the pallets, so they don’t stumble or move them onto uneven surfaces.

Choosing Dock Lights

There are several brands of quality dock lights available. The best lights are made with durable metal frames that can stand up to wear and tear. They’re usually bright yellow, so that they’re easier to see night or day, and may come with a wire protection guard to protect the bulbs. The lights may be mounted on dock walls or doors, but portable lights are also available.