By now, it looks like we’ve seen the worst of what COVID can do to a society. Many of us are getting vaccinated and don’t have to quarantine anymore. Many states are lifting their mask mandates. People think we’re going back to normal. But the fact is, it’s a different normal – a new normal. Social distancing, to some extent, is now an awareness we didn’t have before. As are masks in public spaces. Many people who are vaccinated are still choosing to keep wearing masks and keep sanitizing their hands to reduce their risk of spreading the virus, in case the vaccines don’t cover that. Things are going to be different from now on. So commercial businesses need to think about making some COVID changes permanent, both for prevention of another epidemic and in anticipation of one.

How Changing Commercial Door Hardware on Business Storefronts Can Help

Commercial door hardware can actually have a big effect on the spread of bacteria on the doors and windows of business storefronts of all kinds. Door and gate automation can eliminate the need to touch anything at points of entry. Covering door handles with antimicrobial coatings can prevent bacteria build-up. Businesses can also switch their doorknobs to materials that naturally “self-clean.” Materials like brass, because it contains copper, have antibacterial properties. Actually, over 4000 years ago the Egyptians would apply copper to wounds to sterilize them. That makes any copper alloy like brass or bronze perfect for making your commercial door hardware safer without sacrificing style.