There seems to be no end to the uses being found for smartphones, beyond texting and calling. Property owners can get rid of keys, cards and fobs for their business and use their smartphones as door or gate openers. Give your employees easy access to doors and gates, then revoke access rather than having to retrieve a key or change a lock.

Your smartphone’s embedded communication technology can work like a fob or traditional card. communicating with an access control reader connected to a master controller. The controller manages access through the door or gate of your business. Essentially, your smartphone becomes the new credential.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is an embedded communication technology that permits a smartphone to be used as a credential. BLE is embedded in all smartphones equipped with Bluetooth. Near Field Communication (NFC) is another type, supported through Android devices, and which uses a radio signal to communicate at short distances.

Users need to download the credential to open the gate or door, and an app to go with it. The credential is then stored in the SIM card to make it more secure. To verify credentials, the user launches the app.