Roll-up curtain doors, also known as commercial sheet doors, have many uses, from self-storage facilities to assembly plants, loading docks, factories or coolers. They are widely used in settings where security or storm protection is important, such as pharmacy or retail counters, and product cases.

Curtain doors offer the advantage of convenient, easy access, opening vertically and gathering into a roll so that overhead space is efficiently maximized.

Roll-up curtain doors may be made of prefinished galvanized steel, stainless steel, anodized aluminum or vinyl. Curtains may come with powder-coat finished guides, bottom bars and headplates, which boost their durability while enhancing aesthetics. Metal curtains are not only durable but require very little maintenance. Depending on your need, you may opt for light-duty or heavy-duty styles.

Curtain doors are available in fast action modes, which can cycle up and down (in 3 to 10 seconds), so that they are more efficient in industrial settings. Manual-operation doors with a standard chain hoist are also available.


Other popular roll-up curtain doors are available in vinyl or vinyl mesh.

Vinyl doors may be manual (an affordable option for low-use or low-traffic applications), motorized (high traffic applications) or high-speed, where fast-moving or high-volume traffic occurs or where there is a need for climate control. These curtain doors can provide high-speed access to commercial and industrial facilities, transportation hubs, government operations and warehouses.

Mesh vinyl

Mesh vinyl rollup doors are made of woven polyester, and can help keep birds, insects and plant fiber such as cottonwood out of the facility while allowing fresh air inside. You can find mesh vinyl doors in motorized, spring assist roll-up designs. These curtain doors are installed in garages, waste areas, loading dock areas, food processing facilities and more. The door also provides shade, keeping the interior cooler, while reducing solar heat. In colder months, the doors keep heat inside.