There’s a host of reasons we don’t use plain, untreated glass on storefront doors and windows. It’s not energy-efficient and, frankly, it’s just not safe. When glass breaks, the shards are extremely dangerous. And when a thief takes a baseball bat to an untreated pane of glass, it’s already over – they’re inside your building in no time. We’ve heard of safety glass, tempered glass, shatterproof films for storefront glass doors and windows, and other similar safety and security treatments for glass. But you probably haven’t heard of Riot Glass.

Riot Glass is a line of reinforced glass products that allow business owners and homeowners alike to retrofit their glass doors and windows with virtually unbreakable systems. Because their glass and framing systems can be adapted to virtually any existing door and window system, it’s a cost-effective way to make sure that those out-of-hand protests, active shooter situations, extreme weather events, and break-in attempts don’t compromise the look, function or security of your exterior glass doors and windows.

Unbreakable Exterior Doors & Windows for Emergencies

In lab testing for bullet resistance, break-ins, hurricane impact, human impact, and bomb blasts, Riot Glass products outlasted previous shatterproof glass products by nearly 30 minutes. If you think about 30 or 40 minutes in an emergency situation like a break in or active shooter situation, that’s basically an eternity. No would-be thieves are going to risk taking a full half hour to try and get into your business – they could be caught at any time. And active shooter situations rarely last longer than a few minutes.

Similarly, in high-stress, high-emotion situations like actual riots, smashing the glass in storefronts is something that is done almost in passing, a kind of scorched-earth method of destroying. No one is going to try to smash your storefront’s glass doors and windows for the better part of an hour. The list goes on – you get it.

The point is, it’s a scary world out there sometimes. And you don’t want your business to be vulnerable at those scary moments. If your business’ exterior glass doors and windows could use a bit of shoring up, Riot Glass is a great choice for cost-effective and significant increases in security while not having to change the look of your storefront or all that beautiful natural light that streams in every day.