All commercial doors require proper installation, correct usage and regular maintenance, and nowhere is that more important than at your loading dock. Pay particular attention to your dock levelers. Dock levelers are designed to handle differing loading capacities and are designed for different tasks.

Problems arise because of:

  • Improperly trained operators
  • Guidelines not followed
  • Improperly installed equipment

Here are some tips that can increase your safety and efficiency at the loading dock.

  1. Familiarize yourself and all operators with the safety manual, including product features, maintenance schedule and troubleshooting.
  2. Be certain that the persons operating the equipment are well trained in how to use it, and do not generate any performance concerns (drugs, alcohol, bad attitude, physical inability to operate equipment, etc.).
  3. Follow safety guidelines scrupulously, including: keeping away from the dock leveler as the trailer approaches or leaves the loading dock area; allowing lips of the dock leveler to extend 4 inches onto the truck; and not using a damaged dock leveler.
  4. Practice safety measures during maintenance, including turning off electrical power, especially when welding. Equipment should be locked with an OSHA-approved device. (Note: Avoid grinding or welding when flammable materials are near. Keep a fire extinguisher close while these tasks are being performed.)
  5. Practice safety around the control unit by using the lockout/tag out procedure. Disconnect ground wires and any other source of electricity before welding. All work should be performed solely by certified professional electricians.

Discuss additional dock leveler safety procedures with your commercial door specialist, and don’t forget to schedule regular maintenance.