These days when we talk about security doors, it’s more accurate to refer to an entire security door system. Most business owners and security door system professionals recognize there is no one way to secure a property, and that a multi-faceted approach is the best approach. When you think about security, you shouldn’t just focus on the type of door, but also the automated system that’s in place to secure the door.

Security doors can refer to several different types of doors, installed for different reasons. The most common type of security door is an exterior door that prevents illegal entry, but a security door might also be located inside a building to limit access to interior rooms. For instance, a business owner might install a security door to his office to deter criminals from accessing his safe or business records.

Often, a secure door is made of hollow steel, as steel is known for its strength and ability to withstand break-ins. However, you can reinforce steel or non-steel doors with some or all of these additions:

  • A reinforced strike plate and door frame, to prevent the strike plate from being jimmied out of the frame.
  • Various door reinforcements that prevent delamination or splitting of the door. For instance, a sheet steel plate can be installed under or behind the deadbolt, wrapping the door edge and preventing the door from breaking. Heavy-duty plates on either side of the door, connected with screw or bolts are also helpful.
  • Door chains.
  • Hinge screws – longer screws that prevent a door from being pulled out after hinge pins are removed. Hinge pins may be screwed from the inside into the hinge so pins can’t be removed without opening the door first.
  • Internal locks, including sliding bolts, hooks and other types of latches; metal blocks or bars.

Secure Doors

What kinds of doors do experts recommend as “secure”?

Other than steel, business owners may also install security doors made of solid wood or fiberglass, both of which can be very strong and able to withstand attacks by burglars or vandals. However, steel is much less expensive than fiberglass, and wood is not as durable as galvanized steel.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are another type of security door. They are usually made of steel, and may be either external or internal doors. They are rated according to how long they contain the spread of fire.  Fire doors also help with energy efficiency, due to the fact there is an air-filled cavity between the two steel plates of the door. The door can be made even more efficient by adding polyurethane insulation in the cavity; add polystyrene for greater fire protection.

Added Security

As with any security situation, it’s best to take a good look around your property and analyze the entire building and grounds, not just the doors. Are windows also secure and locked? Do tall trees or other structures make it easy for burglars to lurk and plan their attack? Do nearby rooftops provide access to your roof so that someone might enter from above? Where would security cameras be most effective? Where should lights be located to be most effective?


Of course, no door is very secure unless it has an automated alarm. For best results, consult with a specialist to discuss what type of alarm system, including locks, cameras and surveillance, works best for your security door.