If you’ve been thinking about installing a security grille or replacing an old one, you’ve probably been weighing the choices of materials and styles. The good news is that today’s security grilles are designed to be tough enough to do the job, but also there’s an added emphasis on improving visibility and increasing air flow for open air businesses. What’s more, today’s designs also can present a less obtrusive-looking barrier between the passerby and the store or business interior in cases where it’s important to maintain visibility to the interior.

While security is of course the main focus in choosing a grille, be it for a retail, commercial or industrial operation, you’ll also want to put some thought into which grille pattern, colors and design will work best for your operation. Business owners also should consider how fast they want the grille or gate to open in an emergency or anytime.

Materials, Finishes and Other Options

Security grilles are manufactured in aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel. Coiling grilles are available in slide folding or rolling models, or upward-coiling types, all of which contribute to space savings. An electric motor is usually optional, or the user may operate by chain or crank, or manual push/pull. Metal finishes range from polished stainless steel, to anodized aluminum to dark bronze anodized and others. Security grilles may be powder coated in stock or custom colors.

Open air models are common for stores in shopping malls, providing security while allowing visual access and circulation of air. Full closure models may offer visual access, but enhance security by inhibiting pilferage through the grille openings. Security grilles are commonly installed in malls, convention centers, garages, schools, restaurants, healthcare settings, service window openings and many other types of commercial, institutional or retail project. They may be installed at exterior openings, or in areas within buildings, such as parts supplies or pharmacies, to prevent break-ins and theft.

Grilles may also be installed behind plate glass to prevent smash and grab incidents.

Security grilles from a reputable manufacturer are designed to be durable and last for many years, and if properly installed, should be relatively maintenance-free.