high speed rubber doors
Most business garage doors are made of steel, aluminum or some other type of metal. While these doors are popular for their strength and durability, another option that is gaining favor with commercial property owners is rubber.

Rubberized panels come in both interior and exterior options and are often used in warehouses, manufacturing plants and cold storage. These panels are made of rubber for a reason: heavy-duty use. They’re made to last through significant wear and tear and can stand up to some of the toughest tasks.

There are a number of different types of rubber door designs, depending on the business need. For instance, some are designed for quick opening and closing, so that there’s minimal energy loss at the dock or back door. Others are designed to work without springs, eliminating the concern about broken springs from frequent opening and closing. Some rubber doors are highly impactable, as in when hit hard enough, they break away from guides and reset so that they’re fully operational within minutes and there’s no downtime.

Exterior rubber doors are now on the market that are constructed with several layers of polyester weave material, so that they can stand up to extremely harsh outdoor conditions.

Some rubber panels, like Overhead Doors’ Rapidflex Rubber Doors, are also made to withstand chemicals and can handle pressure up to 180 mph, making them great options for businesses in hurricane-prone areas, or any area where high, damaging winds occur.

Check out this video on the Rapidflex Rubber Door at 3:22.