We’re all used to seeing steel doors on the outside of schools, but nowadays, architects are increasingly featuring steel doors inside. Obviously, it’s the strength of steel that is its main appeal. Steel doors provide an extra layer of security for students in any educational institution, or indeed for anyone in any public building. But steel offers other benefits, and contrary to what you might think, it’s surprisingly versatile, as these points illustrate.

  • Steel can stand up to heavy use meted out by students buffeting and banging on doors. Doors made of steel also are resistant to dents and graffiti.
  • Steel doors look more attractive than in the past, with custom finishes and colors, as well as embellishments.
  • Steel doors are weather resistant.
  • Steel doors are hard to pry open when they are installed with proper hardware.
  • Steel doors can often be repaired with filler material and paint.
  • A variety of specialty assemblies are available in steel; for instance, noise-reducing acoustic doors are now available that are ideal for music rooms, classrooms and quiet rooms.
  • Fire-resistant steel doors can offer up to three hours of protection.

Whether it’s a school, public building or any type of building where the security of those inside is a concern, steel doors, indoors and out, may be the best option.

Visit this video put out by the Steel Door Institute to learn more.