We’re living in an era of unrest, both environmentally and culturally. If you’ve got a business in a central location, especially in a big city like Sacramento or Seattle, you’re among the most vulnerable. Extreme weather, fires, protests and riots all leave your storefront doors and windows susceptible to damage or destruction. Even commercial glass entry doors with the toughest safety glass available can be compromised – nothing is invincible. Here’s hoping you never need emergency board-up service for your commercial garage or storefront, but it seems we hear about these incidents all too often in the news, where damage suddenly occurs and you’re faced with needing to act quickly and decisively to minimize costs and losses.

Common Reasons Commercial Storefronts Get Destroyed:

  • Fire. Fire can compromise the integrity of your building’s structure. After the fire is put out, you’ll need emergency board-up service until restoration is completed.
  • Severe weather. Strong winds can hurl flying objects against storefronts and garage doors, damaging them so that glass cleanup or other measures are needed.
  • Flooding. Severe flooding can destroy the integrity of the building’s walls, leading to the need to shore up the building’s entrances and exits until repairs are complete
  • Vandalism and burglary. Whether the bad guys are just out to damage your property in a malicious way (rocks thrown through glass storefronts) or steal from you (break-ins, leading to theft of property), you’ll need to clean up broken glass and board up property entrances right away.
  • Accidents. Unfortunately, accidents involving storefront entrances and garage doors do occur, such as when a driver steps on the gas and accelerates rather than putting on the brake as intended, or someone drives into your property entrance intentionally. Regardless of the reason, you may need to board up temporarily before you make the necessary repairs.

Emergency Board-Up Service and Commercial Door Repair in Sacramento

Perhaps your damaged doors or storefront will require only repairs, but it may be an entire new system should be installed. In addition to the board-up service, same-day repairs may also be an option. There are a lot of variables when it comes to your business’ doors and what commercial door hardware they need, and in an emergency it’s not always possible to get exactly what you need right away. But you can’t have your business just left open to the elements.

At Sac’s, we provide emergency board-up service, commercial door installation, door repair and maintenance, and many other services. We’ll perform your commercial door install and then work with you on a plan to maintenance it regularly. That way, in case something unfortunate does happen to your storefront doors and windows, or the overhead doors on your loading dock, we’re already familiar with what you need, what we can do right away, and what we’ll need to rush order. We’ve been helping Sacramento businesses for decades, and we’re always available to add another business to our list of happy customers.