In a world where everyone does the same thing, being a little unique in your business can make a big difference. Taylor Gourmet is one of those companies that offer their customers one of those special experiences – all thanks to a garage door in the restaurant.

Located in Washington D.C., Maryland, Chicago, and Virginia, Taylor Gourmet offers premium, Philadelphia-inspired sandwiches at their cafes. But one of the most unique things about their business is the actual café itself.

The exterior of their café has an aluminum and glass roll-up garage door. It’s not something you see very often and it’s a whole new interesting take on the café business. While some eateries have both outdoor and indoor places to eat your food, very few actually stray from the traditional set-up.

So just imagine walking down the street only to see the entire front wall – or garage door – open up at the corner café? It’s truly an experience you have to see to believe.

While there are some businesses in Sacramento and other major cities now adopting this new garage door practice, there’s still plenty of time to set your business apart with its very own garage door.