You might think garage doors, as a topic, would not generate a wealth of amusing anecdotes. But you would be wrong. More than one website can be found that highlights odd or funny true-life narratives dealing with, yes, garage doors.
Perhaps the most intriguing is a site hosted by a U.K. firm, Garage Door Rescue, which includes an assortment of “strange garage door stories,” supposedly collected “from all over the world.” These include the saga of the U.K. couple who, denied permission by local planning authorities to convert their garage into a dwelling, went ahead with the conversion anyway, then tried to disguise it with – a fake garage door.

And the moral of the story…

A number of U.S.-based sites invite readers to submit their own garage-door tales; these often fall into the “how trying to fix my garage door myself turned out to be a bad idea” category. A woman in Fair Lawn, N.J., for example, relates in “My Last Garage DIY” how she enthusiastically tackled the job of cleaning, oiling and freeing up her stuck garage door, only to end up breaking the door’s spring “with a loud bang.” The story does end with a useful moral, however – “I will use a professional for remodeling, repairing or replacing my doors from now on.” A wise decision.