Clean room doors are essential to maintaining controlled environments. When they don’t work right, there’s more chance of contamination. However, choosing the right door can be tricky.

Here are some considerations for your clean room door.

Make Sure Your Door Has Been Given a Smooth Surface

Surfaces with edges can harbor germs and dust. The best choice is a door with smoothly embedded windows, and which can be installed flush with walls.

You Need to Keep Your Room Corrossive Resistant

Clean rooms must be cleaned extensively with strong chemicals every day. Doors should stand up to daily exposure to corrosive cleaning products. There should be no reaction between the door and chemicals.

Air Pressure Needs to Be Monitored and Maintained

Consult experts for the right pressure value. Air tightness can be improved with double gasket technology and integrated sink gasket. A well insulated and secured commercial door can help you achieve this.

Your Commercial Doors should Be Independent from Systems

Doors that are system dependent make it difficult to change parameters. System independent doors can be installed in any cleanroom.

Shock Resistant Doors Require a Greater Thickness

Doors that resist bending and shock are the best choice. A thickness of 60 mm generally provides adequate strength and reliability. Commercial aluminum doors are a good choice for their durability.

Check Your Door Hardware Regularly

Locks, hinges and door pullers should be of good quality for durability and maintenance. Don’t substitute with lesser door components. You should spare no expense on your door components quality to avoid regular repairs.

Antistatic Surfaces Prevents Micro-Contaminants Collecting on The Door
Antistatic surfaces guarantee the door won’t attract micro-contaminants. A quality door can help keep your team and products sterile.

Your Door’s Windows Should Have Safety Glazing

Windows should be shatter proof, with safety glazing so that if it breaks, it stays in place. Commercial doors with glass can easily be replaced, but potential damage from shattering glass can’t all be fixed by an installer.

Mechanical Locks Might Be Ideal Without a Battery Backup System

Consider what you want to happen during an electricity interruption. Mechanical locks can perform as well as electronic systems. A card system may be desirable if you have an hierarchy of access levels. Electronic lock systems can offer the highest security.

Always Look for Doors and Components with Commercial Warranties

When choosing a supplier and installer, make sure you will be able to order parts and accessories if there’s a problem. Ask about turn-around time, as every minute counts in a cleanroom.