Thinking about enhancing security, or getting new signage, for your business’s restrooms? We can help.

Restroom signage might not seem to be an especially challenging topic. But a state law signed in 2016, the Equal Restroom Access Act, makes the rules for restroom signage in California a little different from those in other states. The law basically requires businesses, agencies, and places that serve the public to use gender-neutral signage on any single-user restrooms. You doubtless already know about this requirement, but if you have any questions on details, here’s a helpful website that offers tips for businesses in complying with the law.

Business restrooms also, of course, have to meet the strictures of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act that deal with both signage and accessibility. Here’s a 2017 blog post laying out some of the requirements of the ADA that tend to get overlooked.

You Should Always Have Professionals Help You Comply with ADA Requirements

When it comes to meeting ADA requirements, professional door installers can help you with compliance. Whether it’s your storefront door, garage doors, or commercial bathroom doors, pros can help your doors meet guidelines.

For storefront doors, professionals can quickly install automatic door openers and push-button openers. You can even have low resistance bars to offer easy access for individuals with disabilities. They ensure that door widths and clearances adhere to ADA standards. Careful considerations that can help wheelchair users to enter and exit without obstruction.

In the case of garage doors, professionals can install ADA-compliant remote-control systems. Wall-mounted openers can also be placed at appropriate heights for ease of use. They ensure smooth and obstruction-free movement of the door to prevent any hazards.

Enlisting Installers Is a Commitment to A Welcoming Space

By enlisting professional door installers, businesses know that their doors are ADA compliant. They can provide equal access and enhancing the inclusivity of their establishment. This not only demonstrates a commitment to accessibility but also fosters a welcoming culture. A space for all customers, promoting positive experiences and loyalty to the business.

Contact Sacs Door and Gate Corp. For You Door Need in Sacramento

If you’re in need of new signage for your business’s restrooms, Sacs Door and Gate Corp. is here to help. We can also assist you if you’re looking to secure your restrooms with door hardware such as restroom locks or sliding locks. We can provide signage for your bathrooms that satisfies both state and federal law, and make sure your arrangements for securing them doesn’t run afoul of the regulators.