Damaged Semi-Tractor Trailer Doors Lead to Down Time

Semi-tractor trailers comprise 42 percent of all commercial truck traffic on America’s highways. These trucks undergo considerable wear and tear. It’s the wise trucking company owner or manager who ensures his fleet is well maintained and operating efficiently. Maintenance routines should include inspection of rollers or springs, tracks, cables, brackets and high-tension components. Is your fleet getting the tractor trailer door maintenance it should?

Truck trailer doors are designed to open and close many times a day. Heavy, commercial-grade materials are used so doors can stand up to abuse. A break or malfunction can result in danger for the driver and render the semi-tractor trailer inoperable, necessitating repairs and costing the company down time.

Tractor trailer doors are part of a system. When functioning as they should, they open and close securely and snugly, protecting the freight and ensuring the safe operation of the semi-tractor trailer.

Modern tractor trailer doors are efficient, strong and secure. But sometimes, things go wrong. Loads can shift and damage the door on the inside; traffic accidents, weather and encounters with roadside hazards can also take a toll.

Let the Pros Care for Your Tractor Trailer Doors

Sacs Door and Gate of Sacramento has you covered for repairs and maintenance of truck trailer doors, including cleaning and lubrication. We service an extensive range of tractor trailer door makes and models, and have the expertise to inspect and repair doors so they meet safety regulations. Need a replacement? Sacs can help.

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