Damaged Semi-Tractor Trailer Doors Lead to Down Time

Semi-tractor trailers comprise 42 percent of all commercial truck traffic on America’s highways. These commercial trucks often drive thousands of miles each week, so they undergo considerable wear and tear. Not only is there the constant barrage of sun and weather, but there’s all the loading and unloading at different docks.

It’s the wise trucking company owner or manager who ensures his fleet is well maintained and operating efficiently. You of course have all the regular maintenance any vehicle, especially ones of this size, should undergo. But maintenance routines should also include inspection of the tractor trailer door and all its parts: rollers or springs, tracks, cables, brackets and high-tension components. Proper inspection and maintenance of the trailer’s doors can help ensure that the door continues working. This also reduces the risk of accidents or delays in the delivery of goods.

You Should Treat Your Tractor Trailer Doors Like You Would Your Garage

For many drivers, their truck is their home away from home. And you’d regularly maintenance your home’s overhead garage door, right? By that logic, you should regularly manage all of your trucks’ trailer doors. As a business owner, a broken trailer door on just one of your freight trucks can completely disrupt an entire supply line, costing you time, money, and maybe professional relationships. As your driver, a broken door on their semi’s trailer is a risk for their safety, health and livelihood.

Maintaining the tractor trailer door and all its components is critical to keeping your trucks running. Failure to do so can lead to significant disruptions in the supply and a reduced output for your fleet. As such, it is essential for trucking companies to prioritize regular maintenance and inspection of all fleet vehicles and trailer doors.

Is your fleet getting the tractor trailer door maintenance it should?

The Unforgiving Life of a Trailer Door

Trailer doors are sort of jacks of all trades. They’re impact doors, security doors and mobile storage facility doors. Truck trailer doors are designed to open and close many times a day. They’re also meant to keep safe a super-heavy, very-expensive load of goods as they travel a long way. As well, truck trailer doors need to be easy and safe to use.

Heavy, commercial-grade materials are used so the trailer doors can stand up to constant abuse. To match, the commercial-grade hardware for trailer doors is meant to withstand just about anything. But still, if neglected too long and not properly maintained, even the strongest door hardware on the most reinforced truck trailer doors can become worse than useless – they become dangerous.

A Broken Tractor Trailer Door Is Dangerous for the Drive and Goods

A break or malfunction in a freight hauler door can result in danger for the driver as well as the inventory the truck trailer door secures. It also puts hundreds of other people’s safety at risk should something happen while on the highway.

A broken door on a semi-tractor trailer can have significant financial consequences for a trucking company. In addition to the potential loss of income from the inability to make deliveries, the cost of repairs and downtime can quickly add up.

If a trailer door malfunctions, the truck may become inoperable, necessitating repairs before it can hit the road again. This downtime translates into lost time, which can be costly for a trucking company. Every hour that the truck is awaiting a new door means lost revenue and potential delays in delivering goods.

Semi Truck Door Repairs Can Be Expensive

Repairing a semi-truck door can also be expensive, especially if the damage is severe. The cost of replacement parts, labor costs for skilled technicians, and the cost of renting a replacement truck can all add up quickly. For small or medium-sized trucking companies, these expenses can be a significant financial burden. Unforeseen costs can put the business at risk.

Furthermore, no company’s trailer fleet wants a reputation for frequent breakdowns. This can lead to lost business and damaged professional relationships. Customers may be hesitant to work with a company that has a history of unreliable equipment (even just trailer doors). Any loss of business due to reputation can have long-term financial consequences.

Keeping Your Staff Safe with Secure Semi Truck Trailer Doors

At the end of the day, you can’t expect your loaders or drivers to treat every trailer door gently or with care – your guys have productivity and efficiency to worry about. The rough use these trailer doors undergo from use, weather, movement during transport, etc., coupled with the host of problems a broken truck trailer door can cause, make regular maintenance and repairs integral to keeping your business running smoothly and safely. And just like it’s their job to get inventory to and from point to point, it’s your job as a business owner to make sure the equipment they need to do that is in safe, working order. For any company that deals with shipping and receiving, the truck doors on your freight fleet are a serious part of that necessary equipment. The loading and unloading process can be especially hazardous if the trailer door is not secure, as it may swing open unexpectedly or fall off its hinges. Any situation like this can cause serious injury to workers or damage to the cargo. Regular maintenance and repair of semi-truck trailer doors are essential to keeping staff members safe. Just like the door itself, the trailer door hardware needs to be regularly maintained to keep up with the use your fleet will put it through.

Tractor Trailer Doors Need Are as Important as Commercial Doors

Just like any commercial door, tractor trailer doors are part of a system. When functioning as they should, they open and close securely and snugly, protecting the freight and ensuring the safe operation of the semi-tractor trailer. Modern tractor trailer doors are efficient, strong and secure.

Sometimes, things go wrong. Loads can shift and damage the trailer door on the inside; traffic accidents, weather and encounters with roadside hazards also take a toll. Reinforced commercial-grade door hardware can optimize the length of time the trailer doors last and lower the maintenance level they need, which is cost-effective in the long run, and doesn’t definitely hurt your workplace’s OSHA compliance.

A Broken Truck Door May Not Meet Regulatory Standards

Regulatory compliance is a paramount concern in the trucking industry. Various regulations established by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), mandate specific safety standards for commercial vehicles and their doors. Operating a semi-truck with damaged trailer doors can result in violations of these regulations. These can potentially lead to hefty fines and penalties. These regulations are in place to ensure the safety of both drivers and the public on the roads. When a damaged tractor trailer door compromises the vehicle’s ability to meet these safety standards, you need to take it off the road. Bringing the truck into compliance often involves taking it out of service until the necessary repairs are made. Safety standards must be met which leads to downtime for the trucking operation. Keep up with maintenance and repairs to avoid this very costly fine or downtime.

A Broken Tractor Trailer Door is A Security Risk

Security is another critical issue associated with damaged tractor trailer doors. These doors play a pivotal role in safeguarding the cargo being transported. When a trailer door is damaged and cannot be securely closed or locked, it opens opportunities for theft or tampering of the cargo. Cargo theft is a significant concern in the trucking industry, and damaged doors can make trailers vulnerable targets. To mitigate these security risks, there’s no other choice but to take the affected truck off the road until the trailer door is repaired or replaced. This downtime is necessary to prevent greater losses. Losing cargo isn’t just money lost, but trust lost from clients. Regular maintenance and repairs are cheaper than losing clients.

Let the Pros Care for Your Tractor Trailer Doors

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