Strip doors are a cost-effective way to accomplish many aims with a relatively small investment. Commercial strip doors, also known as vinyl strips, strip curtains or PVC strips, are used in a multitude of settings, including warehouses, agricultural, manufacturing, refrigerated vehicles, food processing and food service, healthcare facilities, data centers and clean rooms and pharmaceutical operations.

Allowing unimpeded traffic flow, strip doors provide the answer to a number of problems. They can:

  • Keep flying insects and birds out of the business.
  • Keep out noise, wind and dust.
  • Keep conditioned air inside, and unconditioned air outside.
  • Prevent air pollutants, including smoke, chemical fumes and traffic exhaust, from entering.
  • Increase employee comfort by keeping out humidity and drafts.
  • Allow light into the work space.

Strip doors also reduce wear and tear on the HVAC system (while reducing the need to change air filters as often), and can reduce coil icing in refrigerated settings.

Using strip doors cuts down on opening and closing of doors, helping to keep the interior and exterior environments separate.
Strip doors are easy to clean, install, repair and replace.

Are you looking at installation, repair or replacement of a specialty door in your commercial establishment? See if strip doors they will work for you.