By installing an automated gate, you’ve already taken an important step toward increasing security at your business.

During the hours when your business is closed, a security gate protects the property from intrusion by vandals, would-be thieves, or the simply curious. By providing only one access point to your property, and installing a security gate at that point, you can not only keep unauthorized people from entering without permission. You can also keep track of who enters and leaves, and when. And a security gate can even increase the value of a commercial property.
If you have an automated gate and it doesn’t include the following features, you may want to look into adding any or all of them, to make it even more secure.

Keypad or smartphone-operated electronic lock

An electronic lock allows your gate to offer security without stationing a guard at the gate, and to restrict access to only authorized personnel. The lock can be a keypad with an access code, use a fob to open it, or – probably the best choice these days – allow remote control access with a smartphone enabled to trigger the lock.

Surveillance camera

One of the more useful add-ons to a security gate is a surveillance camera, which not only allows you to monitor activity at the gate, but also provides you with documentation in the event that anyone does try to enter illegally. Just seeing a security camera will often convince would-be intruders to abandon their plans.

Alarm system

For those cases when an unauthorized person does choose to enter your property illegally, nothing beats an alarm system. You can opt for a silent alarm that notifies you of the trespass without alerting the trespasser, or go with a loud warning siren and light that may help to drive off the intruder.

Whatever overall gate security system you decide to go with, it’s important that the equipment be installed correctly, and receive regular maintenance attention to make sure it’s working properly.