If your business has an outdoor space that needs secured, or you run something like a gated community, where secure entrance and egress is important, your gate opener is the literal gate keeper of your facility. If it’s working well; things are great – the right people get in and out at the right times. But if your mechanical gate keeper decides it’s not up to the job anymore, it can really mess with operations and security. An unreliable gate opener can cause delays, disruptions, and even security breaches.

That’s why it’s crucial to invest in the right commercial gate openers and hardware. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your gate automation is up to the task and able to handle the demands of your business. The right automated gate opener will be reliable, durable, and able to withstand the elements. It will also be designed with security in mind, ensuring that only authorized personnel are able to access your property. If you’ve already installed an automated gate, you’re ahead of the game when it comes to secure and streamlined operations at your business. Gate automation has made outdoor business spaces able to be properly monitored, not a weak spot in security like they were before. Even so, an automated gate can still use a little help from the right commercial gate openers and hardware. If you want to maintain a secure and streamlined operation at your business, it’s essential to invest in the right gate opener and hardware. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your gate opener is up to the task of being the mechanical gate keeper of your facility.

Remotely-Controlled Gate Openers Outperform Manual Gates

During the hours when your business is closed, a security gate protects the property from intrusion by vandals, would-be thieves, or an angry ex-employee. By providing only one outdoor access point to your property, and installing a security gate at that point, you can keep unauthorized people from entering without permission. You can also keep track of who enters and leaves, and when. And a security gate can even increase the value of a commercial property.

Remotely-controlled gate openers are much more secure than manual gates. With manual gates, you’ve got exposed physical locks that can be destroyed, and maybe you even have an employee that handles the gate operation throughout the day. Installing a smart gate and opener system changes all that; saving you time, money, and beefing up outdoor security at your business. A remotely-controlled gate opener can be programmed to only open for specific people. Only employees or authorized visitors, and at specific times. This prevents unauthorized access to your property and increase the security of your business.

If you have an automated gate and it doesn’t already include the newest commercial gate hardware and security accessories, you may want to look into adding any or all of them, to make it even more secure.

Keypad or Smartphone-Operated Electronic Gate Lock

An electronic lock allows your gate to offer security without stationing a guard at the gate, and to restrict access to only authorized personnel. The lock can be a keypad with an access code, require a fob to open it, or – probably the best choice these days – allow remote control access with an approved smartphone enabled to trigger the lock. The other thing remote access to your gate system does is eliminate the need for physical keys. With a keypad lock, you can set a specific access code that only authorized personnel have. This code can be changed at any time, making it easy to revoke access for anyone who no longer needs it, such as an employee who has left the company. This type of lock is also very easy to use, as all you need to do is enter the code to gain access. You can remotely set unique codes for each gate that you need an electronic lock for and reset them just as easily.

A fob-operated lock is another option that is commonly used in commercial settings for automated doors or gates. This type of lock requires users to have a specific fob that they use to gain access. This can be a good option as it is much harder to duplicate a fob than it is to copy a key.

Perhaps the most convenient and secure option is a smartphone-operated gate lock. With this type of lock, authorized personnel can use their smartphones to trigger the lock and automatically open the gate. This eliminates the need for physical keys and makes it much easier to grant and revoke access to the property. If an employee leaves the company, all you need to do is remove their access from the gate system. This removes the need to collect their keys and reset your gates locks.

Surveillance Camera Monitoring Gate Use

One of the more useful add-ons to a security gate is a surveillance camera, which not only allows you to monitor activity at the gate, but also provides you with documentation in the event that anyone does try to enter illegally. Just seeing a security camera will often convince would-be intruders to abandon their plans.

Consider a wi-fi-enabled security camera that detects if the gate opener is activated, records any motion events, and also alerts you any time there’s motion at the gate. Having this additional tech on your automated gate also keeps employees safe, especially when after-hours access (which you can also control from afar) is necessary.

Alarm System for Unauthorized Gate Access

For those cases when an unauthorized person does choose to enter your property illegally, nothing beats an alarm system. You can opt for a silent alarm that notifies you of the trespass without alerting the trespasser, or go with a loud warning siren and light that may help to drive off the intruder.

Whatever overall gate security system you decide to go with, it’s important that the equipment be installed correctly by skilled technicians that specialize in commercial security. You also need to stay on top of maintenance and repairs to make sure it’s working properly. Streamline maintenance processes by having the commercial installers that put the new tech in return for regular gate service appointments. Shoring up your automated gate with these advanced commercial-grade gate accessories can improve security, safety and efficiency at your business.