Well, if we want to get all “Merriam-Webster” about it, the word “fenestration” has several meanings. In medicine, it’s an inner ear surgery. It could also just mean a general opening in a surface. But in architecture, whether residential, commercial or industrial, fenestration means “the arrangement, proportioning and design of windows and doors in a building.” So, fenestration basically refers to any entry/exit points in your business, as well as any other openings, like windows, skylights, loading dock doors, etc.

How Important is Fenestration in the Appearance of My Business?

Pretty important! The types of commercial storefront doors and windows you choose for the face of your business are your curb appeal and your first impression to potential customers. They need to be arranged in an attractive way and designed with a modern, high end look. They need to be inviting and make your business seem accessible to everyone.

How Important is Fenestration to the Function of My Business?

Also pretty important! Your doors and windows, whether they are storefront doors at your street entrance, or security doors at your back or side entrances, they need to be durable, low maintenance, energy efficient and secure. Just the same, the windows you choose should be able to stand up to extreme temperatures, weather, fire, etc. so they add to your business’ security and energy efficiency.
So, there’s a lot more to commercial door installation than just aesthetics, which is why it’s always a wise choice to consult with a local company that specializes in exterior door installation and repair in commercial settings. The choices you make in this “arrangement, proportioning and design” of your windows and doors is about a lot more than architecture, so getting it right is the best way to set up your business for success.