Virtually all cities and states have fire codes for both residential and commercial buildings that require either fire doors or smoke doors of some kind. It helps protect your business, your product/equipment, your employees, and any neighboring businesses. It’s a seriously ancient practice for cities to be concerned about fires breaking out. Rome burned down a couple times, and they even had a city-wide firefighting service!

Depending on the application, your fire door needs to meet certain benchmarks, some of which depend on your city and your building, and some of which depend on what kind of business you are.

  • How long is it going to take to get everyone out of the building if there should be a fire?
  • How dangerous, chemically, is the inventory in your facility?
  • How big is your commercial garage?
  • How many people need to evacuate and what is their ability to be moved quickly? (Think about medical facilities.)

These are all factors that can affect the type of fire door you need. There are 30-minute doors, 60-minute doors, internal fire doors, external fire doors, and many others. There’s also commercial door hardware made specifically for fire resistance. So – short answer – all businesses need fire doors of some kind, especially when we’re talking about California.

Are There Other Pros to These Things Besides Fire Safety?


Fire doors play a critical role in containing fires within a building. When properly fitted and hung, they act as barriers that slow down the spread of fire and smoke by limiting the availability of oxygen. This is particularly important in the event of a fire originating inside a room, as fire-rated doors can help confine the blaze to its initial location. In essence, fire doors serve as the first line of defense against the rapid spread of flames and smoke throughout a building.

Beyond their fire-resistant properties, fire doors also offer enhanced security features. They’re nearly by definition, commercial security doors. Constructed from heavy-duty materials and designed to withstand considerable force, these doors provide added protection against unauthorized access and intrusions. Additionally, fire doors are often insulated. They help contribute to improved energy efficiency by helping to regulate indoor temperature and reduce heat transfer. By combining fire safety, security, and energy efficiency features, fire doors offer comprehensive protection for businesses and their occupants in the event of emergencies.

A Garage Door Battery Backup System is Also in Order

Something else to consider if your fire door is an overhead door is the opener system. Every overhead door needs a battery backup for their automatic opener for several convenience and security reasons. But now, outfitting an overhead door with a battery backup for its opener is compulsory under California law because of wildfires. It’s not a bad idea to consider battery backups for any of your business’ doors, whether interior, sliding glass entry doors, or automated gates. In case of emergency, you never know when it could make the difference.

In case of a fire, whether it’s inside or outside the facility, you want easy egress. And if the power’s out, you’re stuck lifting that heavy overhead door manually. Sometimes that’s just not possible. Make sure you beef up your fire-rated security overhead door with an emergency battery backup for the opener. It’s a small but potentially life-saving detail.

Maintaining Your Fire Security Doors


Maintaining fire and smoke doors is not just a best practice—it’s a legal requirement. According to regulations, these doors typically need to be inspected annually to ensure they meet safety standards. Similar to fire extinguishers and elevator inspection tags, fire and smoke doors are labeled with important information such as their specifications and the date of their last service.

As technology advances, upgrading commercial door hardware and replacing fire-rated doors and smoke gaskets becomes a focus. Investing in these upgrades enhances the long-term safety of your business and the individuals within it. By staying proactive with maintenance and upgrades, you can ensure that your facility remains up to code. Your team can rest easy being equipped with the necessary measures to contain fires, protect against smoke infiltration, and maintain a secure environment for occupants.

Fire doors are important for the safety of your business, inventory, customers and employees. Speak to a professional about your choices, your facility needs, and your local codes and guidelines for fire safety. Sac’s Door & Gate knows the Sacramento area and its wide array of commercial businesses, and we’re always ready to give advice or consultations for any business owner.