Power malfunctions that affect your automated gate are not only annoying, but can impact business. Whether you’ve got deliveries going in and coming out of your industrial gate, or you’re at a residential community where drivers expect to come and go with ease, you can’t afford the down time that a power malfunction can impose on your gate. What’s more, you always want to ensure that emergency vehicles can pass through as needed.

Most security systems come with a primary power supply with an AC motor and an auxiliary motor, which has its own independent power supply. That power supply could be a backup battery system, of which there are a number on the market.

Batteries are just a backup and aren’t meant to open the gate more than a few times. If you need to open the gate indefinitely without connecting to power lines (say, the power is out for an extended period), you’ll have to get another system installed. One solution is a system with 24V electrical engine, emergency power supply and photovoltaic panels. This type of independently powered automation will enable your gate to work in any conditions, with minimal energy.