Your storefront says a lot about your business, and nothing is more important than the kind of door you choose for entrance and exit. You want your storefront door to make a good impression from the parking lot or street, but you’re also considering other factors. You will need to weigh the cost of the doors against their durability, and the amount of maintenance they may need. You’ll have to think about energy efficiency. If the door is glass, how will that affect the comfort levels of the people inside your business? How safe is the door, in terms of protecting your property and the people inside?

You have a number of options to choose from, depending on the nature of your business. Here are some to consider for your next storefront door.

Glass, Sliding and Folding

Glass doors allow the light inside, and can brighten up your establishment. They also allow the public to see inside and, with the right interior, find themselves accepting to the invitation to come on in.

Sliding and folding doors may be used when there isn’t room for a swing-type door. Folding doors may be seen in restaurants where the proprietors want to bring some of the outdoors to the interior. Sliding doors might be preferred in a healthcare business. Aluminum, fiberglass or different types of wood will work as frames. You might design the door to swing in one or both directions, and with top or bottom tracks.

Revolving Doors

These doors are constructed with three or four glass doors issuing from a central shaft and rotating around an axis. They have a cylindrical enclosure that prevents drafts and acts as an airlock, so they provide energy efficiency. They are a good choice for businesses with lots of foot traffic, and where temperature extremes can create discomfort.

Aluminum/Glass Entrance Doors

Aluminum is one of the most versatile materials used for storefronts. It’s lighter than steel, and has a sleek, modern look that can dress up your front door. Stile widths will vary, as will your choices in finishes, including painted, silver or bronze. You may want your doors to be all glass, or with metal below the crossbar. You’ll also choose thickness of the glass, and whether you prefer insulated or laminated safety glass (laminated glass doesn’t shatter, and holds up better against the elements).

Aluminum is also corrosion resistant, and is easy to recycle.

Narrow-stile aluminum doors with glass windows are found everywhere these days, and are used in post offices, housing facilities, strip malls, jewelry and gift stores, markets, movie theaters, banks and restaurants.

Storefront aluminum glass doors may swing, slide, and telescope.