More likely than not, you established your business in an existing building. And even if that building looks great, maybe it doesn’t fit your business or your brand. Or maybe it is a little run down and needs a facelift. While a total revamp of your entry doors and windows is always a great option (who doesn’t love full-view glass doors?), if that’s not in your budget, there are other things you can do to transform your storefront.

Here are 5 ideas to upgrade your storefront without dropping several thousand dollars in the process:

1. Paint, paint, paint

You’d be surprised what a fresh coat of paint can do for a business’ curb appeal. If you have wooden entry doors, consider paint or stripping and staining. For fiberglass doors, switching to a new color is easy. And if you’ve got wooden infrastructure on your storefront, that means you can go past your doors and paint the columns, framing, crown molding and any other architectural features as well.

2. Choose a theme that fits your brand

Is your business a gym, café, restaurant, or boutique? Go with it. Consider a mural by a local artist on the outside of your building. It sets the tone from the outside, so by the time customers enter your store, they already have an idea of your brand. It creates a flow between the inside and outside as the theme carries through the interior of your shop.

3. Switch out your signage

A simple fix that can give your building a new personality and new life is simply to switch out your street-facing signs. People drive down the same roads every day, and things become familiar. At some point, locals may have stopped even noticing your storefront. A brand new sign in bright contrast colors, especially if created uniquely by a local artist, will catch even the most frequent commuter’s attention. It will likely attract new customers.

4. Upgrade the hardware on your entry doors

Do you just have standard build commercial hardware on your storefront entry doors? There’s a lot to be said for switching out steel for brushed aluminum or wrought iron. Add a kick plate with design details; coordinate all the door hardware throughout your building to lend a flow to the space. It’s also a good chance to improve the ease of entry and exit to your shop, as well as to increase the security of your store.

5. Add some architectural details

Just because your building is modern doesn’t mean you can’t add a vintage charm with some architectural details. Corbels, for instance, are easy to find at antique shops and easy to install under almost any awning. As well, antique columns, which you can halve and frame your storefront entry with, are also easy to find and install. A fun afternoon of antiques hunting and a couple hours after hours one day, and your business’ façade will make people think you did a full-on renovation overnight.

We hope this article helps inspire you to get started on your storefront makeover. And if you’d like a consultation from professionals who specialize in storefront doors and windows, give us a call; we’re always happy to help.