Fiberglass Exterior Doors Offer a Wide Range of Benefits

When it’s time to replace an exterior door, why not make it fiberglass? Modern fiberglass exterior doors offer many of the same benefits as wood or steel, and are versatile to boot. Not convinced? Here are some reasons to take a look at fiberglass for your next exterior door.

For starters, fiberglass won’t warp or rot like wood. Laminate manufacturing techniques have been improved so that fiberglass can stand up to the elements and will last for years, without cracking, swelling or losing its shape in the heat.

Concerned about security? While fiberglass isn’t as strong as steel (it will crack if it’s hit hard enough), today’s exterior fiberglass doors are much more resilient than in the past. Combine a strong fiberglass door with a beefed up strike plate and lock, and your fiberglass door will surprise you with its strength in withstanding break-in attempts.

Fiberglass won’t rust — an attractive quality for those who don’t enjoy maintaining a steel door to keep it rust-free. Further, fiberglass is one of the most versatile options, as it’s available in many designs and colors. You can also paint it when you need a new, updated look. Or, you can choose a door with an embossed, wood grain texture designed to look like wood.

An Efficient Choice

Fiberglass doors, a more energy-efficient choice than wooden ones, also cost less than wood. In addition, they are dent resistant and need very little maintenance.

At Sacsdoors, we specialize in the installation and replacement of fiberglass doors. We can help you decide on the right design and style for your next installation; plus we can give you tips on maintaining your fiberglass door so it lasts and looks good for many years.