Fiberglass Exterior Doors Offer a Wide Range of Benefits

Let’s say that old wooden door on the exterior of your business, though once quite warm and distinguished-looking, has over years of constant use grown weathered, dull, scratched or even warped. Or maybe you’ve just decided you want a whole new look for your storefront. We all love a good wooden storefront door – they’re inviting and classic. But maintaining wood doors that are on the exterior of a building is a pain. They’re high-maintenance, prone to warping, and can rot if exposed to too much water for too long. Don’t get us wrong, maintaining your exterior wood doors is totally worth it, but if you’re looking for something that’s low-maintenance, wood’s not it.

Whatever the reason, if it’s time for a new entry door on the outside of your building, why not make it fiberglass? Modern fiberglass exterior doors offer many of the same benefits as wood or steel, and are versatile to boot. Not convinced? Here are some reasons to take a look at fiberglass for your next exterior door.

Fiberglass Doors are Super Durable

One of the biggest selling points of fiberglass is its durability making them an excellent choice for exterior doors. Fiberglass won’t warp or rot like wood, and won’t corrode, which can sometimes happen with exterior steel doors. Laminate manufacturing techniques for fiberglass doors have been improved so that fiberglass can stand up to the elements for years without cracking, swelling or losing its shape in the heat. Fiberglass also won’t rust, corrode or dent — an attractive quality for those who don’t enjoy maintaining a steel door to keep it rust-free.

Fiberglass Doors are Just as Secure as Steel, More Secure than Wood

Concerned about security? Don’t be. Commercial fiberglass doors for storefronts out-do wood in their resistance to break-ins and can be designed in a way that they equal the efficacy of steel as security doors. While fiberglass isn’t as strong as steel (it will crack if it’s hit hard enough), today’s exterior fiberglass doors are much more resilient than in the past. Fiberglass storefront doors can withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain its strength and shape over time. They’re an ideal option for businesses’ that are looking for a long-lasting, and secure commercial entryway. Combine a strong fiberglass door with tougher commercial door hardware, such as a beefed up strike plate and lock, and your fiberglass door will surprise you with its strength in withstanding break-in attempts.

Commercial Fiberglass Doors are Totally Customizable

Fiberglass is actually one of the most versatile options for your storefront door installation, as it’s available in many designs and colors. You can repaint it anytime you need a new, updated look, and you can mimic the look of other materials with texture choices for your new exterior fiberglass doors. If you want the look of a wood door without the maintenance, you can do that. Commercial fiberglass doors can be given a finish that mimics the grain of different types of real wood such as cherry, oak, or mahogany. This means that you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of a wood door without having to worry about the door warping or rotting over time.

Fiberglass doors can also be painted or stained in a variety of colors to match your storefront’s style or branding. This allows for a seamless integration of the door with the design of the building. To further enhance the appearance of a fiberglass commercial door, it can also be fitted with glass. Exterior door glass can be clear or frosted and can be designed to fit the specific aesthetic of your storefront. Glass can also allow natural light to enter the space, which can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

And while some people may worry that a fiberglass door will look too much like plastic and thus appear cheap, that certainly isn’t the case. Today’s higher-quality fiberglass exterior doors can be just as attractive as doors made of wood or metal. Modern manufacturing techniques allow for fiberglass doors to be just as attractive as doors made of wood or metal. The finish on a fiberglass door can be made to look like a variety of materials. The door’s appearance can be customized to match your exact specifications.

Fiberglass Doors are an Energy-Efficient Choice

Savings on your energy bills and comfort for your customers and employees represent additional attractions of fiberglass. For climate control, fiberglass entry door systems are more energy efficient than wood, and when installed with proper weather stripping and glazing can effectively keep your business interior warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Fiberglass door installations can also be customized to include features to enhance their efficiency. There are options such as insulated cores, or energy efficient glass to further improve your storefront door.
Overall, fiberglass is a great choice for any business considering a new storefront door installation.

At SACS, we specialize in the installation and replacement of exterior fiberglass doors. We can help you decide on the right design and style for your next installation, plus we can give you tips on maintaining your new fiberglass door so it lasts and looks good for many years to come.