Air curtains are a type of overhead door usually paired with a curtain of overlapping, heavy plastic strips. They’re comprised of blowers that force a “curtain” of air down through the doorway. It creates an invisible barrier between two spaces. They’re a great solution for businesses that need effective climate control. This can be anything from warehouses with perishable inventory to your local grocery store’s sliding glass and aluminum storefront doors. Air curtains are in more places than you think. But now, new tech has made air curtains more than just climate-control overhead “doors.” Air curtains made with hydroalcoholic aerosol sprayers and/or bipolar ionization are becoming popular as we get further into this COVID pandemic.

What Businesses can Benefit from the use of Air Curtains?

Hydroalcoholic aerosol sprayers are basically sanitizer spray for the air. And bipolar ionization basically overloads the air with ion density, deactivating airborne viruses. The latter method of viral deactivation has been used in healthcare facilities for a while, so it follows that air curtains equipped with bipolar ionization tech are effective at killing off any airborne viruses that are floating around – including COVID. Studies for air curtains equipped with aerosol sprayers are showing similar results.

This means that any businesses who use air curtains and need to manage the spread of viruses would benefit from these air curtain upgrades, like labs and healthcare facilities. But even your local grocery store would benefit from some suped-up air curtains. They’ve got hundreds of people walking in and out each day. Many of us are still masking up, but more safety precautions never hurt. If you don’t already have air curtains at your facility, consider adding some.

Air Curtains Should Installed More Often

Air curtains are highly effective and should always be installed if they’re an option due to their numerous benefits. Their ease of installation makes them a practical choice for businesses wanting to greater control of their internal climate. Their barrier prevents more than just airborne viruses. They keep outdoor air, dust, and insects from entering while preserving indoor comfort and now, they sanitize the air as well. This not only keeps spaces cleaner but also reduces energy costs by minimizing the need for heating or cooling. Air curtains improve sanitation in foodservice and healthcare industries. They also enhance customer comfort in retail settings. Air curtains are versatile tools for maintaining indoor air quality. Their efficiency and versatility make them an excellent choice for various applications. Give your local exterior door installer a call for advice on the best path forward for your business.