There are several factors any business owner should think about when planning a new door installation. You’ve got security, durability, maintenance and style to consider all at once, and a lot of this starts with the materials you choose for your storefront or service door system. Choose the right material for your purposes, and everything else will fall into place pretty easily from there.


Looking at 3 of the main material choices most businesses choose for their storefront doors and windows, let’s discuss the pros and cons of each:


Fiberglass Doors for Durability & Style


Exterior fiberglass doors are a popular option for many business owners because of the versatility of fiberglass. It can be designed in any color or dimension, and it can even be textured to mimic painted wood. It’s resistant to the salt air of coastal climates and is low-maintenance. But, as far as security doors go, fiberglass isn’t as strong as steel. As well, fiberglass doors are typically more expensive than wood or steel. A great pick for storefronts focused on their aesthetics choices. A higher budget commercial door for those who want to put forth a great first impression, but not a high security pick.


Steel Doors for Security & Heavy Use


The main pros of using steel as your door material is its durability; exterior steel doors are great for the security of your business. Steel is also weather-resistant and low-maintenance. The main drawbacks of steel are it’s easily scratched and dented, and its appearance isn’t really customizable past powder-coating color. It is a considerably cheaper pick as opposed to fiberglass making it a great budget pick for your business’ back doors or perhaps usage on a warehouse. As long as your aesthetic isn’t a huge priority, the security of steel doors makes them very appealing.


Wood Doors for Aesthetics & Sustainability


Wood might be the most controversial material for storefront doors. It’s elegant and traditional, but exterior wood doors are prone to rot and warp, even though now they’re made with solid composite cores. There are countless species of wood, countless ways to stain or paint them, and countless design options. They can come in on the expensive side and are for a very specific commercial look. Wood doors are high maintenance, but at the end of the day there’s no way to completely replace the look of wood. If the price and maintenance is too high of a cost, fiberglass commercial doors will be the closest to wooden with texture that will kind of look and feel like wood.


Once You’ve Chosen the Material for Your New Commercial Doors…


After you decide on the meat and bones of your new storefront doors, there are all the details to consider. Most importantly:


Reliable Door Hardware That Meets Guidelines


We’re not just talking about industrial-grade hinges and springs; we’re talking about door and gate automation. Not only will the right commercial door hardware help out security and operations, but with the right setup and fittings, can also increase the sanitation at your facility. As well, for storefront doors, making sure that you adhere to automation requirements from the ADA. Just like any other element of your construction, your business’ doors need to adhere to certain guidelines. Keep them in selecting your hardware for compatibility and your budget.


There are Multiple Options for Glass Treatment


Have windows on your loading dock doors or storefront door setup? Glass isn’t just glass. Consider UV treatments, riot glass, tempered glass, hurricane glass, and other kinds of safety glass. Your windows can be a real weak spot in case of emergencies like extreme weather or break-ins, so do your research and choose glass that will stand up to anything nature (or people) throws at it.


Proper Insulation Saves Your Business Money


Don’t forget about the part of the doors you can’t see. The right insulation choices should not only increase energy efficiency, they should lessen noise intrusion, block humidity transfer, and slow the spread of fires and fumes in cases of emergency. Keeping your commercial entrances efficient, costs you next to nothing when you properly plan and install new hardware. Regular maintenance also can help with this over time.


Security Accessories Are an Easy Add On For New Installations


With door automation should come an integrated monitoring system for your whole building. These are easy to do with security company packages or modular-style with products like Wyze. Pair small wi-fi-enabled motion-sensing cameras with state-of-the-art automated door hardware and never worry about a break-in again.


Give the Exterior Door Pros of Sacramento a Call; We’re Here to Help


If you’re a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry; this is what commercial door specialists do. The best thing to do when investing in something so important as the doors to your facility, you should always consult a professional. A local company like SACS can not only provide consultation, design and installation services, but can be your go-to for commercial door repairs, regular maintenance, emergency fixes, and locksmith services, as well.